Hema easter egg pop-up store and 3 new flavors

Easter is coming up and for the first time in history HEMA has opened up a ‘paasei pop-up store’, so a store full of chocolate easter eggs! They’ve opened one in Paris and one in the 9 streets in Amsterdam.
Yesterday was the festive opening of the easter egg pop-up store in Amsterdam and I was there. They released three new flavors of easter eggs yesterday. One has a typical HEMA flavor. What do you think? Will it be rookworst or tompouce? Let’s find out!

First of all; the HEMA paasei pop-up shop makes you happy instantly. It has colorful polka dots on the walls and a ball pit (‘ballenbak’) in the basement!
On the walls you’ll find dispensers with all their chocolate egg flavors. They have many flavors. Of course the standard white, milk and dark. But also more original flavors like extra dark, egg liqueur, sea-salt caramel and coconut. And they released no less than 3 new flavors today!

The first new flavor is ‘discodip’, a Dutch word for something similar to colored sprinkles. Discodip is slightly different though, as it’s round. Most kids eat discodip on their soft serve ice cream. For these chocolate easter eggs HEMA used milk chocolate and a vanilla cream filling with discodip inside.

The second flavor is a typical HEMA flavor: tompouce. The tompouce is a pastry made with puffed pastry, vanilla cream and a pink flavor. Although there are several shops selling the tompouce, every Dutch person knows that you can get the best tompouce at HEMA. They already surprised us with tompouce popcorn a while back, and now they introduced ‘tompouce paaseitjes’. These milk chocolate easter eggs are filled with vanilla cream in one half and pink frosting in the otherhalf.

The third new flavor is my favorite: crispy koffie. These dark chocolate eggs have a crunchy coffee filling. If you like something with coffee flavor, I’m sure you’ll like this one as well!

As I said, yesterday was the opening of the ‘paasei pop-up store’ in Amsterdam. We got spoiled with sweets! Apart from all the easter eggs in the shop we also got a rainbow Easter bunny cake, cookie dough cake pops and typical Dutch ‘stroopwafels’ covered with chocolate and candy.

The HEMA paasei pop-up store is open until April 1st.

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