Mother’s Day

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It’s almost Mother’s day! Do you also have a really sweet mom? I do! I’ve always had a good relationship with my mother. Two years ago we went to Dubai and Thailand  and we often go shopping in Eindhoven or Breda.

Last year I moved back to my hometown Tilburg to move in with my boyfriend, so now I live close to my mom again. And even though she probably wants to see me more often, it’s really nice to live close to her!
And these last few months I’ve been extra proud of my mom. She chose to live more healthy and lost 15 kilos! (Read here how she did it)
Maybe I’ve inspired her with my healthy lifestyle and she might check my healthy recipes occasionally. In any case, I’m super proud of her and I think she deserves a little extra this Mother’s Day!

I went looking for gifts that would fit her new healthy lifestyle and I think I found some nice things for her. Maybe these gifts are also nice for you mom!

moederdag cadeau eco cubes
These blocks are called Ecocubes and you can very easily grow your own plant with it. All you have to do is add water and if they grow to big for the cube, you can plant them with the cube. The cube will then turn into compost for the plant. I bought mine at Radbag. They have many different kinds, I bought bamboo, strawberries and a ‘gingerbread plant’.

moederdag cadeau ice bolls radbag
I also gave her Ice Pods, they are big round molds with which you can make your own ice balls. Perfect for slices of lime or lemon when you make lemonade.

moederdag cadeau eggling
These ‘egglings’ are just so cute! You can grow your own plant inside this little egg. Eating healthy is a lot easier when you’ve grown the plants yourself!

I wish all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day. And I wish all daughters and sons a lot of luck with buying their Mother’s Day presents!

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