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I just came back from a wonderful road trip in East Mexico. This area is perfect for backpacking or a road trip as it’s a very safe and beautiful part of Mexico. We flew to Cancun and traveled around the south-eastern part of Mexico.
We’ve made a great road trip on the Yucatan peninsula and I’m sharing all my tips in this travel blog. As always I’ll tell you what to do, what to see and where to eat.

If you’re planning to visit Mexico soon, these tips will surely come in handy:

Don’t Believe Anything You See On The Media

People have a lot of misconceptions about Mexico – and most of these are wrong, especially those that are depicted by the media. Contrary to popular belief, Mexico isn’t a country that has rising cases of drug cartel violence and missing women. It’s actually a great place to travel because of the number of activities and destinations it offers.
Moreover, Mexico is a country filled with welcoming and friendly locals who can make your trip more fun and interesting.

Pay In Pesos, Not In Dollars

Regardless of where you’re from, make sure to convert your local currency into Mexican pesos. This is the local currency used by all businesses in the country. Bringing this currency when traveling will save you from stress.

Dollars are still accepted in some establishments in Mexico, but most mom and pop shops in the country can only accommodate transactions paid in the local currency. Thus, convert your dollars ahead of time so you’ll get to enjoy your trip non-stop.

Check Less Touristy Areas

If you want to make the most out of your trip to Mexico, have the guts to visit less touristy areas.
Sure, you can easily search for popular destinations online, but if you want to truly enjoy Mexico and experience unique activities, you should be willing to ask locals and wander around the country.

Instead of checking in luxurious resorts in Mexico, opt to stay in timeshare rentals like Koala. Taking the road less traveled will surely make your trip to Mexico more exciting!

Preparation Is Key

Traveling to Mexico can become a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but only if you’re fully prepared for it. Traveling can get stressful, especially if you don’t have any idea what to expect.
Make sure that your upcoming trip to Mexico will become one for the books by following my tips!

Check my Mexico travel blog on this page or all my other travel blogs here.

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