New recipe: Salad Jars

Summer is my most favorite season! I love spending time outside, and it’s just much more pleasant when the sun is out. Summers are also great for picnics! If you want to keep your picnic healthy, you should try these salad jars!
They’re very easy to make, super healthy and they look great. My version is completely plant based, so no meat or dairy products are used. But feel free to make your own variation of course!

My salad jars start with a layer of chopped cherry tomatoes and corn. followed by a layer of lettuce. I cut flowers out of cucumber slices using a cookie cutter. You can find the flowers in the grated carrot layer.  I finished with another layer of lettuce.
Keep your dressing aside until serving so the salad stays fresh. I used a couple of drops of olive oil as a dressing, since I thought the salad already had enough taste on its own.

Do you need more picnic inspiration? Have a look at my sushi jar recipe!

vegan salad jars

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