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On this page I’m sharing my review of Restaurant Oaxaca in Amsterdam. Oaxaca is an authentic Mexican restaurant that opened up at the end of 2023. Restaurant Oaxaca offers a unique experience in the city center of Amsterdam. Where else do they prepare the guacamole at your table and can you eat ants with your tacos? Quickly read on for my review of restaurant Oaxaca in Amsterdam.

Oaxaca Amsterdam

Restaurant Oaxaca is located on Spuistraat, in the heart of Amsterdam. Oaxaca brings the vibrant flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine to the Netherlands. Oaxaca is not just a restaurant but a cultural experience that transports diners to the heart of Mexico. They started in Barcelona in 2014 and have been popular there ever since. The restaurant in Amsterdam has a beautiful interior that reminds you of a Mexican Cantina, with multiple rooms that add to the warm atmosphere.

Authentic Mexican cuisine

At Oaxaca, the focus is on preserving and celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Mexico. You won’t find Texmex dishes here. Chef Joan Bagur, with his deep passion for authentic Mexican cuisine, has meticulously crafted a menu that pays homage to the traditional flavors and techniques passed down through generations. The culinary heritage from the Oaxaca region in Mexico is often referred to as ‘the kitchen that never travels’. As you won’t find it outside of Mexico often.

Oaxaca is bringing the traditional Mexican flavors to Europe. From traditional corn dough ground on volcanic stone to pre-Hispanic moles and stews, each dish at Oaxaca is a testament to the diversity and complexity of Mexican gastronomy. Every bite tells a story of ancestral techniques and native ingredients carefully sourced and prepared to perfection.

You can order dishes a la carte, there are all kinds of meat, fish and vegetarian options. But what I would absolutely recommend, for the full experience, is to go for the tasting menu. You can go for the traditional tasting menu or the vegetarian tasting menu. You’ll get 7 courses with the best that Oaxaca has to offer, including dessert and Traditional café de olla.

Guacamole at your table

At Oaxaca the guacamole is prepared at your table. It doesn’t get more fresh than this! The guacamole is made with just a few ingredients, to stay true to the authentic guacamole recipe. They don’t even use lime juice, but they keep the pit in your bowl as a natural preservative.
Besides the fantastic flavor, it’s also a wonderful experience to see the staff prepare the guacamole at your table and to have them explain all about it to you. You’ll get a heaping bowl of freshly made guacamole that you can use throughout your lunch or dinner.

Ants and Grasshoppers

If you order the The traditional Oaxaca appetizer (it’s also included in the tasting menu), you’ll get two dishes that I’m sure will stir up a conversation at your table. One of them is Chapulines, fried grasshoppers. And the other one is Chicatana Ants. Yes, you’ve read it correctly: ants. First I thought there were black beans on the plate, but it turned out the be the relatively big Chicatana Ants. In Oaxaca and other Mexican regions, it’s a very well-known snack. Do you dare to try it?

Chef Joan Bagur

The Chef of Oaxaca is Joan Bagur, born on Menorca in Spain, has worked at some of the most renowned cuisines in Spain. From El Bulli to El Cellar de Can Rocca and San Pau. He once traveled to Oaxaca in Mexico to learn more about the authentic Mexican cuisine.

Joan Bagur: “Initially, I was planning to stay in Mexico for just a month, but I was so captivated by all those ingredients and techniques that we in Europe have no knowledge of… After 23 years, I’m still not tired of it. For Iñaki and me, the most important thing is to introduce as many people as possible to this fascinating cuisine. I promised this to Titita, my Mexican mother. Everything we do at Oaxaca is done with respect for the traditions and techniques of the ‘mayoras’.”

Chef Joan Bagur’s journey to master the secrets of Mexican cuisine is reflected in every dish served at Oaxaca. His years spent learning from traditional cooks and exploring the markets, culture, and traditions of Mexico have culminated in a menu that captures the essence of Oaxacan cuisine.


Oaxaca is not only a restaurant; it’s also a Mezcalería. Mezcal, the alcoholic beverage made of the agave plant, might remind you of the other famous Mexican liqor: Tequila. The mezcalería, inspired by classic Mexican cantinas, offers an impressive selection of mezcal curated in collaboration with renowned mezcal master Eric Hernandez. From signature cocktails to premium mezcal flights, the mezcalería at Oaxaca promises a sensory experience like no other.

Grupo Sagardi

Restaurant Oaxaca is part of Grupo Sagardi. What once started as the first pintxo bar in San Sebastian has evolved over time under the inspiring leadership of Iñaki and Mikel López de Viñaspre into a globally operating hospitality company that is regarded as one of the most renowned ambassadors of Basque gastronomy. With 13 brands and more than 27 restaurants worldwide, including locations in Porto, London, Amsterdam, and Buenos Aires, they offer a diversified range of gastronomic concepts that also focus on other traditional cuisines with rich histories, such as Portuguese, Mediterranean, and Mexican.

Review Oaxaca

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of Mexican cuisine or a curious diner looking to embark on a gastronomic journey, Oaxaca offers something for everyone. So go to Oaxaca Amsterdam, and let your taste buds take you on a voyage to the vibrant streets of Mexico. Click here to book your table at Oaxaca Amsterdam.

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