Stuffed Lemon Sorbets

These stuffed lemon sorbets are a perfect summer dessert. Sometimes you just want a super easy and healthy dessert. Especially when the days are warm and you don’t feel like spending much time in the kitchen, and you’re thinking about your bikini body as well.
These stuffed lemon sorbets are the right recipe for those moments. This dessert recipe is vegan too!

All you need for this recipe is lemons, vegan lemon sorbet ice cream and some fresh basil leaves. I used the vegan ice cream from Oppo. It contains less sugar and is suitable for vegans. Altough most sorbet ice cream is vegan. So you’ll have no problem finding vegan lemon sorbet ice cream.
The lemon sorbet ice cream from Oppo is low in calories, and I love low calorie desserts in general but especially in summer time when I’m often in bikini. And not only because of my ‘bikini body’, also because I don’t like heavy meals in summer. This dessert is nice and light, and you’ll sure have room for this after dinner on warm sunny days.

This lemon sorbet ice cream recipe only contains 75 calories per portion. It’s quite difficult to find a dessert recipe that’s below 100 calories per person, so I love this one a lot!

Recipe vegan stuffed lemon sorbets

Ingredients (serves 4):
4 lemons
1 tub lemon sorbet ice cream
Fresh basil leaves

Take the lemon sorbet out of the freezer. Cut off the top of the lemons and set aside. Also cut off a small bit of the bottom so that the lemons can stand up. Use a sharp knife and a teaspoon to carve the lemons empty. Use an ice cream scoop or a spoon and fill the emptied lemons with the lemon sorbet ice cream. Put the tops of the lemons back on top. Serve with a few basil leaves per lemon.

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