10 Best Dinner Recipes for Summer

Some recipes just taste better in summer. Either because the whether is sunny, or you want to eat lighter dishes. On this page I’m sharing my 10 best dinner recipes for summer. These recipes all taste great after a day in the sun. You can enjoy them in your backyard, your balcony or in the park; these recipes are perfect to enjoy all summer long.

1 Cauliflower Burger

I love a nice vegetarian burger on Friday evening! These cauliflower burgers are great for vegetarians or those who want to eat more healthy (did someone say ‘summer body’?). I love it how they’re light and easy. Perfect to eat with your hands, so you can also bring them on a picnic!
Click here for the recipe of these cauliflower burgers.

2 Creamy Tomato Orzo

I love Orzo in summer! This pasta shaped as rice can be eaten lukewarm or even cold, so it’s great to take with you on a picnic. Often in summer I just don’t feel like eating something warm, but I do want something satisfying. Especially if you’ve been outside all day you can use a nutrient meal. This tomato orzo is perfect for that!
Click here for the recipe of this creamy tomato orzo.

3 Vegetarian BBQ

I love turning on the barbecue in summer! Especially when we’re having friends over, I think it’s such a nice thing to do together. I love to show my guests that a barbecue can be vegetarian too. These halloumi-veggie skewers for example are great on the bbq.
Click here for all my vegetarian and vegan barbecue ideas.

4 Falafel Wrap

Another great dish to make in summer: wraps! Not only because they’re light but also because they’re easy to eat without plates. It’s my favorite dish at food festivals and I also like to make them myself at home. This version is with hummus and falafel.
Click here for my vegetarian falafel wrap recipe.

5 Sweet Potato Salad

This sweet potato salad proves that something can be a healthy salad, without it only being lettuce. This salad won’t leave you hungry but it will give you a healthy dinner! It’s super easy to make as you’ll only need 4 ingredients. So it’s perfect if you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen and more time outside.
Click here for the recipe of this sweet potato salad.

6 Picnic Bread

Summer is picnic season! This picnic bread is a real show stopper at your picnic party. It’s super tasty and very easy to bring with you. Just bring a knife so you can cut out the pieces when you’re ready to eat.
Click here for the recipe of this picnic bread and more picnic recipes.

7 Rice Paper Packages

If you’re looking for a summer recipe, you can’t go wrong with a recipe from a warm country! I was inspired after our trip to Vietnam to make these rice paper packages. A lot easier to make and to eat than fresh spring rolls! And also great for a summer pot-luck.
Click here for the recipe of these rice paper packages.

8 Vegetarian Couscous

I couldn’t write a blog about summer recipes and not include couscous. It’s a great dish for this season as it’s done in a few minutes and you can also eat it lukewarm or cold. Besides, it stays nice if you put it in a food container, so it’s easy to bring with you.
Click here for my favorite vegetarian couscous recipes.

9 Mini flammkuchen

Some bites and finger-food also do great in summer. Especially when you have several on the table and everyone can just nibble all evening. These vegetarian mini flammkuchen with cheese are a great dish for a shared dining evening.
Click here for the recipe of these mini flammkuchen.

10 Buddha Bowl

A buddha bowl is great for summer too! It’s healthy, light and colorful. A buddha bowl is a vegan bowl filled with plant-based food. The more the merrier!
On this page you can read more about buddha bowls.

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