Vegan rhubarb recipes

Yeah it’s rhubarb season again! Rhubarb is officially a vegetable, but you can prepare it as a fruit. Did you know that in ancient China rhubarb was used as a medicine to cleanse the body, as a laxative and to reduce fever.
Harvesting of the rhubarb usually begins at the end of april and may and is available until june or july. So you only have a small window in which you can buy rhubarb and make some delicious recipes.
I’ve listed my three favorite rhubarb recipes for you in this blog post. They’re all suitable for vegans and easy to make!

laced rhubarb cake recipeIsn’t this lattice rhubarb cake pretty? I have to be honest with you, the first time I tried to make this ‘braided’ rhubarb cake, it totally failed! But I was determined to make a pretty latticed rhubarb cake so I tried it again. I’ll help you out and tell you the secret (and also what NOT to do) to make this pretty rhubarb cake on this page. This rhubarb cake is vegan and gluten free!

healthy rhubarb crumble vegan gluten freeRhubarb and strawberries are such a good combination! It’s a match made in heaven! I’ve made this super easy strawberry rhubarb crumble. Besides being fool-proof it’s also gluten free and vegan. Cut the tops of 6 strawberries and slice them. Cut 2 stems of rhubarb in small pieces. Mix the two together with a tablespoon of agave syrup. Divide over two oven proof tins and cover with aluminum foil. Put them in the oven for around 25 minutes. Now here’s the trick for making the super easy gluten free and vegan crumble: just use your favorite granola! No need to mix any unhealthy ingredients when you can create an instant crunchy topping with granola (check my recipe for homemade granola). I served my strawberry-rhubarb crumble with a heap of soy yogurt.

gluten free vegan rhubarb pies
These rhubarb tarte tatins (upside down cakes) are great for portion control! I just used small tart pans to make these perfect size one-person portions. I thinly sliced one stem of rhubarb with a mandoline (a Japanese vegetable peeler). Mix the rhubarb slices with a teaspoon of sugar, and put them on the bottom of the (sprayed) tart pans. Put two tablespoons of gluten free and vegan cake mix on top of each tart. Bake them for about 20 minutes.

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