Recipe for when you don’t feel like cooking

Sometimes you just have had a busy day, you’re tired or your short on time. Those days it’s quite easy to buy a quick microwave meal, tv-dinner or take-out. But (as you probably know) those aren’t your healthiest options. Take-out and delivery often hardly contain any vegetables, and microwave meals often contain a lot of salt and other preservatives.
But I’ll help you out with my favorite recipe for these days: go for couscous!
Couscous is my ultimate dish for when I don’t want to cook dinner but still want to eat healthy. I always have a package in the cupboard since it doesn’t expire fast and it’s literally done in minutes. Just add the same volume of boiling water to your couscous, cover it with a teatowel and 5 minutes later your couscous is ready!
There are endless ways to combine couscous. Pictured above is couscous with courgette, mushrooms, red onion, rocket and falafel. Served with soy yogurt with za-atar. But you can also make your life even easier: just buy a package of pre-cut mixed vegetables and some falafel balls. Fry both for a few minutes and add them to your prepared couscous.

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