3 Michelin star chefs work together for Chefs On Tour

It doesn’t happen every day that a Michelin star chefs cooks for you. Visiting a 2 Michelin star restaurant is very unique (and I know, because I went to De Lindehof ** in Nuenen). But having 3 Michelin star chefs cooking for you is probably a once in a lifetime experience! I feel very lucky that I had a chance to have this experience when 3 Michelin star chefs from my region (Brabant) worked together.
With the name Chefs on Tour 3 Michelin star chefs from West Brabant organize an exclusive 6 course dinner for their guests.
The chefs are Maarten Camps from Wolfslaar Restaurant in Breda, Pieter Bosters from Mijn Keuken in Wouw and Carlo Chantrel from De Zwaan in Etten-Leur. They organize the Chefs on Tour dinner 3 times, once in each restaurant.

I went to the last one from this year in Restaurant De Zwaan in Etten-Leur and it was such a special experience!
We were warmly welcomed by the 3 chefs and host Roland Peijnenburg and were spoiled with a 6 course dinner with matching wines. Before the first course was served we got a glass of bubbles and several amuse bouche to start the evening.

The first course was made by Pieter Bosters from Mijn Keuken. He served 3 Royal Majestic oysters, each prepared differently. The vegetarians got a tartare made from watermelon with green asparagus and watercress. It looks just like a steak tartare and they’ve prepared it in a way that it has the structure of meat as well. It was a really light and refreshing starter!

The second course was made by Maarten Camps from Wolfslaar. He made Langoustine with spring chicken served with watermelon and yogurt. I got a beautiful vegetarian dish with corn and and Indian herbs.

The third course was made by the hosting restaurant De Zwaan. Carlo Chantrel made Canner Lobster with tandoori, celeriac, creme fraiche and sea lavender. I got 3 structures of spinach with sea lavender, fennel and a fennel cream. It was interesting to see how each chef gave his own twist to his dish. Although we already had all these tasty dishes, we were only halfway!

The 4th course was for Mijn Keuken again, Bosters made a dish with young mackerel fillet, smoked cold, served lukewarm with miso, baba ganoush and sesame. I got legumes with celeriac and a lot of truffle!

The 5th course was for the hosting restaurant, Chantrel from De Zwaan prepared grain fed hanger steak on the Big Green Egg and served it with chimichurri, green asparagus and aji amarillo. I got pumpkin prepared in three ways (including gnocchi) served with chantarelles, a chantarelles foam and green asparagus.

Dish number 6 was the dessert of course. Chef Camps from Wolfslaar had the honor to make a pretty dish to satisfy our sweet tooth. He made a raspberry dessert with a creamy mousse, basil, popcorn and chocolate ice cream.

And as if 6 courses wasn’t enough already, we also got these lovely friandises with our coffee and tea. Pictured you see macarons and madeleines, but what you don’t see is that underneath them there were even more sweet treats!

It was such a special experience to have the 3 Michelin star chefs cooking for us. This year was the 4th year that the chefs organized their Chefs on Tour dinner. In a few weeks they’ll evaluate and decide whether they’ll organize it again next year. I sure hope they will so you can book this unique experience as well!
Can’t wait? Just book a table at one of the 3 restaurants; De Zwaan, Mijn Keuken and Wolfslaar. Or visit all three and create your own special dinner tour.

Ps I heard about the Chefs on Tour dinner via the Brabant Celebrates Food website, check it out for more special food events in Brabant.


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