Don’s Noodle Shop in Tilburg

Besides sushi, a small Thai restaurant and Chinese restaurants that actually serve Indonesian food, there wasn’t any good Asian food available in Tilburg. Luckily we now have Don’s Noodle Shop!
At Don’s Noodle Shop you get real good Asian food. Expect dishes inspired by Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Don’s Noodle Shop was intended as a take-out restaurant, but many people enjoy to eat their dishes in the small restaurant in the city center of Tilburg.

Inspired by their travels in Asia the couple Jody and Stan opened up Don’s Noodle Shop. During their time in Asia they saw that take-out food there is a lot different than what we eat in the Netherlands for a quick bite. Instead of burgers and fries, people have ramen, noodle soup or bao buns. They also noticed that in Asia it’s quite common to eat vegetarian or vegan.
When they came back to Tilburg they decided to open up Don’s Noodle Shop; their own restaurant inspired by their travels.

Don’s Noodle Shop is located just off Tilburg’s main shopping street the Heuvelstraat. They’re open for lunch between noon and 3pm and for dinner between 5 and 9pm. They make everything fresh and in-house. They close after lunch to prepare for dinner, so you know it hasn’t been on the shelve since that morning. They are trying to cook with as little food waste as possible, so that’s another reason why they don’t prepare too much in advance. I love both of these standing points so I was already a big fan of Don’s Noodle Shop just because of this. But there’s one more reason why I absolutely love them…

Half of their menu is vegan! There are not that many vegan-friendly restaurants in Tilburg, so Jody and Stan deserve a standing ovation if you ask me. You can get a vegan noodle soup with rice noodles, broccoli and bean sprouts (yes, the broth is vegan too) or vegan rice paper rolls with tofu just to name two things. Pictured you see their vegan mango salad and I absolutely loved their vegan bao buns. A portion consists of two buns, but trust me, you want to keep them both to yourself!

You can’t reserve a seat at Don’s Noodle shop but you can call in advance for take-away at 013-8893512.

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