5 Recipes for New Year’s Eve

Are you going to cook or bake something for New Year’s Eve? On this page I’m sharing 5 recipes for New Year’s Eve. From sweet baking recipes to savory snacks. All perfect for the last evening of the year.

1 New Year’s Eve Bundtcake

Most people make bundtcakes for Christmas but I think bundtcakes are great for every festive occassion. They are also great for New Year’s Eve. Especially if you drip it with with chocolate and decorate it with chocolate pearls. It’ll match your champagne very well.

2 Champagne Apple Frittella

Speaking of champagne; these Apple Frittella are made with champagne in the batter! Making it a perfect recipe for New Year’s Eve. You can find the recipe for the Champagne Apple Frittella here.

3 New Year’s Eve Cupcakes

Cupcakes are also great to bake for New Year’s Eve, as you can just put a plate on the table abd people can get one whenever they feel like it. No plates needed! You can decorate them with fondant with the number of the upcoming year.

4 Olive Bread

You might have eaten enough sweet things over the Holiday period. No worries, there are also great savory recipes for New Year’s Eve. You can put all kinds of fingerfood on the table. A great addition is this gluten-free Olive Bread. It tastes great as it is but also goes very well with all kinds of toppings. You can find the recipe for this Olive Bread here.

5 Nachos con Todo

Nachos con Todo are also a great savory snack for New Year’s Eve. Nachos con Todo literally means ‘nachos with everything’, and although this sometimes means with minced meat, I created a vegetarian Nachos con Todo recipe. This nacho recipe is super easy to make, great party food and easy to share with friends. Click here for my vegetarian Nachos com Todo recipe.

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