Anja Community Reserve, Madagascar

Anja Community Reserve, or Reserve d’Anja, is a relatively small park in Madagascar. Despite it’s size, it’s definitely worth a visit. The main attraction: the many ring-tailed lemurs that inhabit this park. But also the big mountains surrounding the area and the unique flora and fauna.
Anja Reserve was created in 2001 and has done a great job creating jobs and income for the local community and preserving the wildlife and environment. And it’s needed, as 95% of all lemurs (makis) are now gone. On this page I’m sharing my pictures of our trip to Anja Community Reserve.

There are two trails which you can take, for both you’ll need (and want) a guide. The long trail takes about 6 hours and includes a hike up to the mountain top. The shorter one takes 1-2 hours. I recommend the latter as most can be seen on the ground.

There are about 300 makis (ring-tailed lemurs) in Anja Community Reserve, so you’ll have a very big chance of seeing them. They’re quite used to people so you can get relatively close. It used to be possible to feed them, but luckily that is prohibited now.

We also saw a really big boa when we were in Reserve d’Anja. These snakes can eat lemurs. They first strangle then, and then eat them. They’re not poisonous for human beings. The Madagascar Boa is endemic to Madagascar and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s the largest snake that can be found on the island.

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