Bardak: Tel Aviv style street food in Amsterdam

Do you love Tel Aviv style street food? Then you should go to Bardak in Amsterdam! Judith shares her favorite restaurants in the Netherlands and abroad on her website and she visited Bardak when it had just opened. I asked her to write a review for us.

Judith: “Don’t you just love Middle Eastern cuisine? Chances are, you do! Ever since Ottolenghi has become world famous, Middle Eastern food has been on the rise. The food is often bursting with flavor,
unique and relatively healthy compared to some other cuisines.
Recently, Bardak, opened in Amsterdam (De Pijp). This restaurant annex bar specializes in Tel Aviv
style street food. It’s a low-key place with good drinks, cocktails and bites.”

The food at Bardak comes in small portions and is perfect if you just want a little bite to go with your drink or if you like shared dining. For a complete meal, order about 3 dishes per person (be sure to leave some room for dessert!).

What we love about Bardak is:
– It’s low key so you can basically go there whenever (oh and they’re open until super late for
all you night owls!)
– Herbs and spices make the food super yummy
– There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options
As a matter of fact, most of the items on the menu are vegetarian or even vegan. One of our
top favorites: the ‘burned eggplant’ is completely vegan. The eggplant was roasted on charcoal which
gives it a super smoky flavor and a soft center. It was topped with a tahini sauce which you should
really try! Other super tasty dishes include falafel (I know, it might sound a bit cliche, but they
couldn’t NOT add it to their menu, right?), mushroom shawarma, tomato salad and pita bread
filled with minced meat.

Bardak in Amsterdam is the perfect place to go to with friends, whether they’re vegans, vegetarians or meat eaters. There’s plenty of choice for everyone. Pair it with a nice cocktail or mocktail for a great way to start your evening in De Pijp!

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