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Going to the city of Gouda in Zuid Holland in the Netherlands anytime soon? I’ve listed my favorite restaurants in Gouda on this page. All restaurants listed have great vegetarian or vegan options and a very friendly staff. Therefor they are my personal best food spots in Gouda.

Miss Nice Banana

Miss Nice Banana is a vegan lunchroom in Gouda. It’s the perfect spot to go to if you eat plant-based or if you’re looking for a healthy lunch. Miss Nice Banana isn’t only completely vegan, it’s gluten-free, refined sugar free and soy-free as well, perfect for those with dietary restrictions. Besides that, the dishes are just super tasty. Look at how big the lunch bowls are! In the foreground you see their vegan ‘kapsalon’ with sweet potato fries and in the background you see their Garlic Joy with roasted white beans.


Lunchcafe Curcuma in Gouda is a vegetarian and organic lunchroom in the city center of Gouda. The restaurant is housed in an old building with a nice interior. There’s a big mural of the plant curcuma and a part of the cafe is elevated while the bathrooms are actually a few steps down. On the menu you can find many healthy dishes. Eating vegan or gluten free is not a problem at Curcuma. We went for the Socca, a chickpea pancake served with oven baked vegetables and the bowl with homemade hummus from white beans.

Casa Chow

Casa Chow is a street-food bar that’s very centrally located on the central Markt Square. As you can see by its name, Casa Chow serves both Latin-American as Asian food. They’re mostly known for their nacho’s. As you can see on the picture, they’re loaded with cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, jalapeno’s and more. And this is only the small portion! You can order several smaller dishes from the menu for a trip around the world. I also recommend the sliders (small hamburgers), bao buns and the Gado Gado. They’ve got many vegetarian options that are clearly marked on their menu.


Syrup waffles are known all over the world nowadays, but they’re a typical Dutch snack. The baker Kamphuisen started baking them in 1810. They’re called ‘siroopwafels’, which is different than the name ‘stroopwafels’ that most people know. There’s also a difference in taste, these siroopwafels are thinner and crispier. According to the Kamphuisen shop, which you can find at the central market square, these are the original syrup waffles and the stroopwafels are created by competitors.
The siroopwafels make a great souvenir to take home with you.

David’s Gelato

David’s Gelato has two ice cream shops in Gouda. If you order your ice cream on the main market square, you can take a picture with the pretty town hall in the background. Besides the regular ice cream flavors, David’s Gelato has some very special ones. What do you think about tzatziki ice cream or red wine sorbet? The Gelato ice creams are made with fresh milk and the sorbets are dairy free (and suitable for vegans).
Besides ice cream they also sell waffles and milkshakes.

De Lichtfabriek

I have to admit that I mostly like De Lichtfabriek for its stunning interior. It’s very Instagrammable! That you can also have a good lunch or dinner there, is just an extra bonus. On the lunch menu of the Lichtfabriek (often abbreviated to LF) you can find all kinds of dishes, some with an Italian twist. My favorite is the healthy bowl with yogurt and fresh fruit. For dinner they’ve got a special page on the menu for vegetarian dishes. The Thai Curry is my favorite. You’ll enjoy your dishes at the LF in an industrial space with large windows and impressive lamps. It’s a real Instagram spot!

De Kleischuur

Speaking of nice Instagrammable interiors, De Kleischuur is also a beautiful restaurant. They’re open for dinner and they work organic and sustainable products. They don’t have an enormous menu, but all the dishes that are on it are high quality. Vegetarian is not a problem.
The ingredients for their dishes aren’t the only thing that’s sustainable at De Kleischuur. They also work with organic cleaning solutions and separate their waste.

TOFF Concept

TOFF is a shop meets working space meets coffee bar. The shop has all kinds of nice gifts for friends or yourself. The working space is great for small conferences and in the back of the premises you’ll find the coffee bar. It’s mostly used for coffee and tea to-go but there are also a few seats so that you can sit down and enjoy your drink. They also serve the sugar-free cakes from Sharp Sharp at the coffee bar.

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