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In June I already told you about how 2 Michelin star chef Sidney Schutte would open his own restaurant called Café Cliché in Amsterdam, so now that it has opened its doors I wanted to try it out as soon as possible!
Sidney Schutte is the chef at the restaurant of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam. The restaurant was always called Librije’s Zusje but it will be renamed Restaurant Spectrum as of January 1st. Schutte has earned his stripes by receiving and maintaining two Michelin stars for Librije’s Zusje.
With his own restaurant Café Cliché he’s turning into a different street. Café Cliché in Amsterdam East is a place where you’re always welcome, straight from the office or from home. No dresscode, nothing fancy, but still high quality food. It’s a brasserie with a living room feel to it. Sidney is serving the dishes that he would also offer to guests who are visiting him at home.

Café Cliché is divided in several area’s, but all are characterized by warm colors. Dark blue, green, wood, plants and art work by Klaas Lageweg. They don’t take reservations at Café Cliché and as you can imagine, it’s very popular. So I advice you to avoid Fridays and come early (6pm gives you a good chance of a table). If all tables are taken it’s worth the wait at the bar because it’s not everyday that you can enjoy affordable dishes by a Michelin star chef.

All dishes on the menu have typical Amsterdam-dialect names, a funny gimmick. Luckily there’s a list in the back with an explanation so at the end of the evening you’ll also know what a ‘Hanggans’ is. I went for the ‘buikschuiver’ as a starter (for those of you who are curious, it means ‘moped’). It’s half an avocado filled with beech mushroom, horseradish, ponzu and green apple. Avocado’s make me happy in general, but this version with all its flavors and textures made me even a bigger fan.

When I had lunch at Brasserie Goldfinch in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam I already got to know Sidney’s ravioli skills. He seriously makes the best ravioli I’ve ever tasted. So when I saw that there was a vegetarian ravioli on the menu at Café Cliché, I knew what I wanted to order straight away! And they didn’t disappoint. Trust me: you should try them! My friend went for the mussels with sweet potato fries.
As Schutte also needs to be at Librije’s Zusje in the evenings, chef David Baxter is in charge of the kitchen at Café Cliché. He and his team do a great job in preparing all the dishes. Especially if you consider the amount of guests, you respect their hard work!

Make sure to leave some room for dessert! All 5 desserts on the menu of Café Cliché are mouthwatering. Look at this chocolate hazelnut tart for example or the dessert pictured below with vanilla ice cream, caramel, peanuts and dark chocolate sauce.

Our server was a very friendly guy with a good sense of humor without being too much. The friendly staff really helps to make you feel at home.

So you’ll know what to do on your next free evening: go to Café Cliché in Amsterdam in the early evening. Secure yourself of a table and enjoy some of the best comfort food you’ve ever head.

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