Best Vegan Food Spots in Copenhagen

There are some great 100% vegan restaurants or food spots with many vegan dishes on the menu in Copenhagen. So if you’re visiting Denmark’s capital city and you’d like to eat vegan there are several good food spots for you to visit. I’ve listed my favorite best vegan food spots in Copenhagen on this page. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, for every time of the day you can get a good vegan meal in Copenhagen.

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Souls is a 100% vegan restaurant in Copenhagen. It has two branches, one in Østerbro and one in Nørreport. Both are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The vegan breakfast platter pictures is a gem, especially if you have a hard time choosing from all the delicious dishes on the menu. For lunch they have tasty salad bowls and vegan pizza. For dinner you should go for their famous vegan burger with a Beyond Meat patty, caramelized onions, pesto and grilled courgette.


SimpleRAW is a vegan restaurant that originally originated from the RAW mindset. Today they serve food that is free of preservatives, additives, gluten, dairy and sugar. So all dishes on the menu are vegan and gluten free and many of them are raw. They’re open from 10 am to 9:30pm.
They have delicious tempeh sticks as a starter and for a main dish I recommend their polenta gnocchi or their mungbean-quinoa burger.

Bowl Market

At Bow Market everything is served in a bowl. From porridge bowls and smoothie bowls for breakfast, to acai bowls and risotto bowls for lunch. Everything on the menu of Bowl Market is vegetarian and almost everything is vegan.
Pictured is ‘The Passionate Mango’, a vegan smoothie bowl made with mango, passionfruit, vanilla soy and banana topped with dried papayas, pumpkin seeds and chia pudding.

Nordic Hotdog

You can find the Nordic Hotdog stand in Reffen. Reffen is a very cool spot in Copenhagen anyway, especially on sunny days. It’s a bit of a walk (or bike ride) from the city centre, but it’s worth it. This creative spot has several food-stands with a large variety of food, from Smörrebröd to Indian curry.
Nordic Hotdog serves a great vegan hotdog. It’s served on sourdough bread with pickled rhuberries, green asparagus and a rye bread crumble.
The even have a complete vegan menu with a cabbage side salad and vegan chocolate milk.

Falafel Factory

I love falafel! In every city that I go to, I try to find the best falafel.
Click here for my list of best falafel spots in the world. The best falafel in Copenhagen can be found at Falafel Factory. There’s something for everyone at Falafel Factory as they have no less than 6 different falafel sandwiches. I really like the one with halloumi cheese but the red falafel balls with cashews is also a great combination.

Urban House

Urban House is a hostel really close to Copenhagen’s Central Station. The hostel has a bar/restaurant area that serves food after 5pm. They have a good vegan burger. For 100 Danish Kroner (about 13 euro) you’ll get a (vegan) burger and a soft drink. For 10 kroner extra you can get a glass of beer or wine instead. The burger is served with fries and unlimited ketchup.


Kaf is Copenhagen’s first vegan bakery. And even though they still serve delicious vegan cakes, you can now also go to Kaf for breakfast and lunch. I think they’re doing extraordinary well with the vegan pastries. From vegan donuts to vegan croissants; it all tastes amazing.
During the winter months they make it nice and cosy inside and during summer they have outdoor seating.

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