New food trend: Cake Bowl

Did you already hear of the new food trend: Cake Bowl? Cake Bowls are a delicious way to prepare cake and a fun way of serving it. After Buddha bowls, poke bowls and smoothie bowls, we all know how nice bowl food is. And this Cake Bowl is another example!

What is a Cake Bowl?

A Cake Bowl is a bowl in which you serve one or more slices of cake, decorated with toppings of your choice. It’s a convenient way to serve cake, as you can add the toppings after the baking and you don’t need to worry about toppings falling off.

I first heard of Cake Bowls on Instagram. It’s always a great source of Inspiration. After I found out about the existence of cake bowls, I searched on Pinterest for good photogenic examples. I saw some great cake bowls, with all kinds of flavors. That’s when I decided to make some cake bowls myself.

How do you make a Cake Bowl?

You start with baking a cake. You can just use a basic cake recipe, or go for a variation like a chocolate cake or red velvet cake. It works best if you don’t make the cake in a round cake tin nor a pound cake tin, but a square baking tray. This way you can easily cut squares from the cake. After you’ve baked the cake, let it cool and cut it in smaller square pieces.
Put a few squares in each bowl. Top the bowl with toppings of your choice.
I’ve topped these cake bowls with pecans, chocolate chips, coconut flakes and hazelnuts. I’ve also a spoon of chocolate-hazelnut spread.

I bought the chocolate chips, pecans, hazelnuts and coconut flakes in bulk at webshop Koro. Use code TRAVELFOODIE for a 5% discount.

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