Romantic Hotels in the Netherlands

Looking for a nice getaway with your partner? I’ve listed the most romantic hotels in the Netherlands on this page. From country estates to castles. These hotels and bed&breakfasts are great to celebrate your wedding day, anniversary or for any other romantic occasion. Which of these hotels in the Netherlands do you find the most romantic?

Landgoed Huize Bergen, Vught

Looking for a nice hotel in Brabant for a wonderful night out or a weekend get-away? Romantic hotel Landgoed Huize Bergen in Vught might be just the right place for you!
I already told you how you can have lunch, dinner and drinks at Huize Bergen, but it’s also a beautiful hotel. You can find this romantic hotel in Vught, which is very close to Den Bosch. The main building of Landgoed Huize Bergen is an old villa, and the hotel rooms are divided over several different buildings on the estate. On this page you can find more information and pictures of Landgoed Huize Bergen.

Plantage Rococo, Velsen-Zuid

Plantage Rococo is an eco-friendly hotel and restaurant. And it’s located in a beautiful building that’s also beautifully decorated. Around the villa there’s a wonderful garden. Plantage Rococo located in Velsen-Zuid, just a 15 minute drive from Amsterdam. In the 17th and 18th century the mansion was used by rich merchants to escape the bustle of the city. Nowadays it’s the perfect romantic hotel for couples from Amsterdam.
Click here for more information and to book your room at Plantage Rococo.

De Gevangentoren, Vlissingen

One of the most unique hotels in the Netherlands is Hotel de Gevangentoren Vlissingen in Zeeland. This hotel at the Dutch coast is located in a former prison tower (Gevangentoren means Prison Tower in Dutch). It might not sound super romantic to stay in a former prison, but that prejudice is wrong. The old tower is completely restyled into a romantic hotel with only one suite. The bedroom in the top of the tower has views over the sea and a starry sky in the ridge of the tower.
Click here to read more about the Gevangentoren in Vlissingen.

Parc Broekhuizen, Leersum

Parc Broekhuizen is located in a beautiful castle in the province of Utrecht. Although the hotel dates back to 12th century, it was completely renovated in its original style in 1906 and has only been a hotel since 2016. So you you’ve got all modern conveniences with the grandeur of a castle. The hotel and coach house have 22 suites and hotel rooms. And for culinary romantics Parc Broekhuizen is also a great choice. Restaurant Voltaire has a Michelin star.
Click here to read more and to book your room at Parc Broekhuizen.

Houseboat, Amsterdam

How special is it to spend the night with your loved one on a private boat? In Amsterdam you can book a houseboat. You’ll have the boat all for yourself. It has a living room, bathroom and bedroom and you can have dinner or breakfast in the wheelhouse. I thought it was so romantic to get our breakfast delivered in this cute basket and to enjoy it with views over the Amsterdam canals.
I booked the houseboat hotel in Amsterdam via the app Musjroom.

Kasteel Geulzicht, Maastricht

There are also romantic hotels in the south of the Netherlands. Two of my favorites are both located near Maastricht. The first one is Kasteel Geulzicht. This beautiful castle is located in the forest, at the edge of a nature reserve. There are several types of rooms, two bungalos and you can even book the tower room.
Click here for more information and to book your room at Kasteel Geulzicht.

Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt, Maastricht

Another beautiful, romantic hotel in the South of the Netherlands. Also near Maastricht, you can find Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt. Hotel Vaeshartelt is located in a wonderful green estate. The castle was build in the middle ages and has a beautiful old exterior. You’ll feel like a prince and princess walking around here!
Click here to read more about Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt near Maastricht.

Kasteel Sterkenburg, Driebergen

Another romantic hotel in a castle in the Netherlands is Kasteel Sterkenburg in the province Utrecht. It’s located on an island as it’s surrounded by canals. There are 8 different rooms in the castle and they are all different. Kasteel sterkenburg is a bed and breakfast, you can enjoy eggs and cheese from the estate at your breakfast.
Click here to read more and to book your room at Kasteel Sterkenburg.

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