New healthy food spot in Tilburg: Sorry not Sorry

I’ve been waiting for something like Sorry not Sorry for a long time! I’m very happy that this healthy food spot has opened up in my hometown Tilburg. Somehow there aren’t many places is Tilburg where you can go to for a healthy lunch or dinner, especially not one that also has several vegan options. So far Eatonomy was the only place you could go to for a healthy, vegan lunch. But now there’s Sorry not Sorry. With the first ‘sorry’ scratched because you don’t have to feel guilty when you eat here!
The lunchroom is located on the Voltstraat, but they also deliver to your workplace or home!

On the lunch menu Sorry not Sorry has 4 different bowls: a poke bowl, a yogurt with granola bowl, an acai bowl and a pitaya bowl. You see the pitaya bowl pictured above. Pitaya is a tropical fruit, sometimes also called dragon fruit and it gives this smoothie bowl a beautiful pink color.

This is the Acai Bowl from Sorry not Sorry. Acai is a berry that has gained popularity in the last few months. These berries from Brazil are high in fiber and anti-oxidants. But they also just taste really nice! Especially when you order an acai bowl at Sorry not Sorry and it comes with all these delicious toppings!

Besides the smoothie bowls, Sorry not Sorry also has lunch for the less adventurous who want to stick to what they know. They sell several sandwiches and wraps.

So I’ve been telling you all about the healthy part of Sorry not Sorry and why you don’t have to feel guilty. But there’s also a small part of the menu that isn’t so healthy. They sell 3 different cakes from Le Roi, a patissier around the corner. They have carrot cake, brownies and this beautiful red velvet cake. Now I still think you don’t have toe feel guilty when you have a piece, as long as you enjoy it!

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