Christmas Cake: 3 variations

On this page I’m showing you how to make a basic Christmas cake, and how you can create two other versions of it as well. So you’ve got 3 variations of this Christmas cake and you can choose your favorite.
The basic cake is great in its simplicity, but you can also very with options two and three if you’d like to create something more special. All depending on how much (or little) time you want to spend in the kitchen)

1 The Basic Christmas Cake

5 eggs
150 grams sugar
150 grams flour
1/2 tablespoon  mixed spice (cookie spices)
Vanilla frosting

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Mix the eggs and sugar in a bowl with a mixer. Add the flour and the spices and stir it until it’s mixed.
Line cake tin with parchment paper. Pour the dough in the cake tin and bake for 25-30 minutes until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
Let it cool completely.
If you use store-bought vanilla frosting you often have to heat it in the microwave and stir occasionally. Cover the top and the sides of the cake with the frosting.

2 Star Anise Christmas Cake

Adding a few Star Anise pieces to your basic Christmas cake is a simple yet festive decoration. Star shapes really fit with the festive period in December when the nights are long so stars fill up the sky early.
Just a little note: the star anise isn’t edible, so you’ll have to remove them before you eat it.

3 Gingerbread man Christmas Cake

This one is my favorite Christmas cake out of the 3 variations. I just the think the gingerbread man are so cute. You can make your own gingerbread man cookies from scratch but many supermarkets and candy stores also sell the cookies. I decorated my gingerbread man with a white chocolate decoration marker. I used different patterns on all of them for some variation. I also put the white chocolate on the back of their legs so that I could ‘glue’ them on the cake.

Like baking for Christmas? Check my Pinterest board with many Christmas recipes.

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