Vegetarian asparagus risotto

It’s that season again: asparagus time! From april to the end of June is the season for white asparagus in the Netherlands. I love cooking with asparagus in spring, mostly because it’s such a seasonal product. This time I made a vegetarian asparagus risotto and on this page I’m sharing the recipe with you.

Did you know that green asparagus and white asparagus are actually the same? But the green ones grow above the ground and the white ones below. That’s how the green asparagus get their color! In the Netherlands white asparagus are mostly grown in Limburg and in Brabant, the province where I live. So I’m extra proud to serve local white asparagus to my guests.
This vegetarian asparagus risotto is very creamy. I used mascarpone and grated cheese!
Because I’m pregnant, this risotto doesn’t contain any alcohol but you can of course add a bit of white wine before you add the broth.

Recipe vegetarian asparagus risotto

Ingredients (serves 2):
1 kg (white) asparagus
1 shallot
150 grams risotto rice
1/5 liter vegetable broth (or optionally a little less broth and some white wine instead)
1 tbs mascarpone
50 grams grated cheese
50 grams rocket

Finely cut the shallot. Melt 1 tbs of butter or olive oil in a big pan and shortly fry the shallot until soft. Add the risotto rice and cook for 1 minute.
Add 1/4 of the vegetable broth and let it simmer while stirring. When the broth is evaporated you add the next 1/4 of the broth. Continue until the broth is finished and the risotto rice is soft.
In the meantime cut off the end of the asparagus, peel them and cut them in 1-2cm pieces. Bring water to a boil and boil the asparagus pieces in 5-7 minutes. (If you use green asparagus you can limit the boiling time to 3-5 minutes).
Turn off the fire and add the mascarpone, grated cheese, rocket and asparagus. Stir well.

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