Crackers Christmas Tree

This edible Christmas tree made from crackers is such a fun and festive snack during the Holiday season! On this page I’m telling you how I made this Crackers Christmas Tree.

This Crackers Christmas Tree is super easy to make, but it sure will impress your guests. It looks so festive! It’s not only a tasty snack with some wine for the adults, but you can also put it on the kids’ table. Everyone loves a savory snack on cold winter days.

I made this Crackers Christmas Tree with layers of red pesto and whipped feta. Whipped feta is such a great invention if you ask me. It makes your feta cheese taste so much better. It’s airy and has a rounder flavor then when you eat feta straight from the package.

You can also make this edible tree with tomato tapenade instead of red pesto. And you can also use basil instead of parsley. Both are just as tasty as the ingredients from my recipe, so see what you can use without too much food waste.
Scroll down for the recipe of this Christmas Crackers Tree.

Recipe Crackers Christmas Tree

100 grams of crackers
3 tablespoons red pesto
100 grams feta cheese
A bit of yogurt
Fresh parsley

Put the feta cheese with a splash of yogurt in a food processor and shortly blend until smooth.
Divide the red pesto over 3/4 of the crackers. Fill a plate with one layer of crackers. Add a few dollops of whipped feta. Put another layer of crackers on top, slightly smaller than the layer below.
Continue until you’ve got a Christmas tree shape. You can top your crackers Christmas tree with half a cracker put in vertically at the top.

Fun tip: you can also make a sweet version of this edible Christmas tree with cookies, strawberry jam and whipped cream.

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