Vegetarian Christmas Tree Pizzas

These vegetarian Christmas Tree Pizzas are a perfect snack for this holiday season. They’re great to make with kids and I’m sure they’ll enjoy eating them as well! This snack is vegetarian, so it’s perfect for a meat-free Christmas. I made them as a snack but you can also serve them as a starter.

You can make your own pizza base from scratch, but you can also use a store bought pizza base. I did the latter as it’s much easier.
I used the sourdough pizza bases from Mister Kitchens. They’re available at the Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands and have two pizza bases per package. The pizza bases are 125 grams each. I used two bases (1 package) to make 12 vegetarian Christmas Tree Pizzas.

You can of course use a tomato pizza sauce for the Christmas Tree pizzas, but I liked them to be green. So I used the Cheesy Pesto Pizza sauce from Mister Kitchens to get the green Christmas Trees.

Recipe Vegetarian Christmas Tree Pizzas

Ingredients (for 12 Christmas trees)
1 package Pizza base
1/2 jar Pizza Sauce
12 olives
handful grated cheese

Olive oil
A Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter

Pre-heat the oven. Use the cookie cutter to cut out Christmas tree shapes from the pizza base.
Top the pizzas with the pizza sauce, leave the edges free. Slice the olives and decorate the pizzas with the slices as if they’re Christmas bulbs. Sprinkle a bit of cheese at the top of each tree as if it’s the tree topper.
Spread the edges with some olive oil, this will give the Christmas tree pizzas a nice golden-brown crust.
Bake the pizzas in the oven for the length stated on the pizza base package (this varies per base).

Click here for my 3 course vegetarian Christmas menu or check out my Pinterest board for more Christmas inspiration.

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