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I wrote this food diary because I often get the question what I eat on a day. Often people don’t realize how unhealthy their eating habits are. I love it that people want to make healthier choices and take better care of themselves, I hope that this food diary will help you with that! So please don’t buy fruit juices, white bread and processed meat anymore and get some whole-wheat bread and hummus instead!

This food diary is what I typically eat on a weekday. My breakfast, lunch and snacks are practically the same every day. To me it doesn’t get boring because I love the taste of it so much. But if you want of course you can vary on this menu, for example with one of the variations mentioned at the bottom of the page.
On the weekends it’s more difficult to stick to my healthy habits, but I’m convinced that if you live healthy 5 days of the week, it’s okay to let go a little bit in the weekend!

Ever since my vegan challenge, I try to eat mostly vegan on weekdays. I never eat meat and try to lower my dairy intake. Other than that my menu is sweetener free and high in fibers!

7:15 Breakfast
Food Diary BreakfastI work as a teacher on a middle school, so I always have to get up early. I always take time for breakfast though, no matter how early the alarm clock goes off, I’ll always take an hour to shower, prepare my lunch and have breakfast.
Breakfast is always some fruit, muesli (check if it’s sugar free!), nuts, flax seeds and yogurt. I always use unsweetened soy yogurt. You can choose your own favorite yogurt, but check the label to see if it’s fat free and sweetener free! Most of the time I eat 1/4 of an apple (and cut the remaining apple in pieces for my afternoon snack) and 1/2 a kiwi fruit (and I eat the other half straight away). Besides that I use whatever is in season or on sale, like 1/2 banana or a spoonful of blueberries. I drink a big cup of green tea with my breakfast.

10:30 Snack
When I arrive at work at 8:30 I fill up my big tea cup with green mint tea. At 10:30 I have a break and I drink more tea and I have a little snack. This is always fruit, but I try to vary in this. It could be a banana, a tangerine or I fill a small container with some fruits like blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. I never drink anything else than tea and water on weekdays. I think it’s such a waste to drink calories, I rather eat them!

12:30 Lunch
Vegan lunch, sandwich with avocado and tomato and hummusTrust me: buy whole-wheat bread! I always laughed at people who gave me that advice because I never ate white bread anyways. I love the taste of dark bread and I find it much more satisfying than white bread. But I never realized that my multi-grain bread is not as healthy as it looks. They often use brown coloring to make the bread look healthy. You might find it quite difficult to find whole-wheat bread in the supermarket or bakery at first (since most of it is just white grains with brown coloring), but once you’ve start eating it you’re belly will feel much better! I make my lunch in the morning, so I don’t get tempted to buy unhealthy food at the canteen. I eat two slices of whole-wheat bread with hummus and 1/4 avocado. As a variation you can use cottage cheese or fat free cream cheese instead of hummus. And of course I drink another big cup of green tea!

14:30 Snack
Banana bread annetravelfoodie
In the afternoon it’s time for another cup of tea and a snack. I usually eat the apple that I’ve sliced in the morning. Somehow I like to eat apple pieces much better than eating a whole apple. Besides my apple, I also have another snack. I bake a banana bread every other week and put the slices in separate freezer bags. Every morning I take out a slice and bring it to work with me.
I often eat my apple first and my banana bread about an hour later.
18:30 Dinner
recipe vegan courgettiMy dinner time varies a lot, depending on my yoga lessons or other appointments. I try to eat dinner when I’m starting to get hungry to avoid snacking right before dinner. Unlike my breakfast and lunch, I do vary a lot with my dinner. There are always so many healthy recipes that I want to make! The main ingredients in my dinner are always vegetables. I love spinach, aubergines, mushrooms or tomatoes. I never really eat pasta or potatoes, but I do use couscous or bulgur often. I’ve put courgetti as an example in this food diary because this is by far the easiest to make and an easy change if you normally eat pasta. You can just substitute your paste for courgette and you’ve instantly made your meal a lot healthier!

Variations on this menu
Breakfast variations: you can make a mug cake or overnight oats. Both great and healthy starts of your day!
Lunch variations: if you don’t like avocado, you can also add cucumber, lettuce or chili flakes to your hummus sandwich.
Snack variations: instead of banana bread you can also take a healthy muffin with you.
Dinner variations:  there are so many healthy dinner options that you can have! Check this page for my recipes.

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