Instagram/TikTok museum LikeLand in Eindhoven

There’s a new Instagram/TikTok museum in Eindhoven! We know interactive musea, or experiences, like this from Amsterdam. But I’m very happy that there’s now also an Instagrammable museum in Brabant! On this page I’m telling you everything about Instagram/TikTok museum Likeland in Eindhoven. And of course, I’m sharing many pictures with you!

Instagram/TikTok museum

It’s a relatively new phenomenon: Instagram and TikTok museums. These ‘museums’ are large venues that have all kinds of sets in which you can take pictures or videos for your social media accounts. They often got backdrops in all kinds of themes, but always positive, happy and kid-friendly.
The first Instagram museums in the Netherlands opened up in Amsterdam and that’s still where you find most of them. Since then, TikTok has become more and more popular so the younger crowd will refer to these musea as TikTok museums.
In Amsterdam I’ve been to three Instagram/TikTok museums: Wondr, The Upside Down and Youseum. But as I live in Tilburg in Brabant, I’m super happy that we’ve now got a Instagram/TikTok museum in Eindhoven!

Likeland Eindhoven

The Instagram/TikTok museum in Eindhoven is called Likeland. The subtitle is: the story of your timeline. It’s actually located in Best, just outside of Eindhoven. Next to kids amusement park Dippy Doe and adventure centre Aquabest.
Likeland is located in a large venue and is divided into several areas. In each area there are multiple fun backgrounds for your pictures. They’re all very Instagrammable! And many of them are interactive, so you can make nice TikTok videos as well.

Areas at Likeland

As I said there are many areas at Likeland, all with different themes. From a fairytale castle to this giant bottle of Rose wine. The best way to describe them is by showing you pictures! So have a look at the pictures on this page to see what kind of photos you can take at Likeland Eindhoven.
I’m showing the majority of the rooms on this page, but definitely not all of them so there’s even more to explore than you see here.

Likeland is open from Wednesdays to Sundays and every day in school holidays (except December 25th and January 1st).
There are lockers that you can use for free at the entrance so you can leave your jacket and other heavy stuff there and just take your phone and/or camera with you. You can also book a professional photographer to take your pictures at Likeland.

Practical Info Likeland

Tickets to Likeland in Eindhoven are 19,95 per person and parking is 4 Euro per car.
Because of the Covid regulations, you buy your tickets online beforehand for a certain 2 hour time slot. You’ll need to wear face mask when you’re walking around, but you can take them off before taking a picture. We were there on a Friday afternoon and it wasn’t crowded at all. And we regularly saw employees disinfect doorknobs and other objects. So it’s a safe activity to go to, even in these times.
At the moment the restaurants need to be closed, but when the rules make it possible again, there’s a restaurant at Likeland as well.

Scroll down for some more pictures of Instagram/TikTok museum Likeland in Eindhoven.

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