Vegan rainbow sushi recipe

I love getting creative with sushi! I already made so many sushi variations from Sushi Cake to Sushi Pizza, and from Sushi Jars to Sushi Burgers (you can find all my sushi recipes here). Especially after my trip to Japan I’m totally into it! And I want to show you that you can make delicious sushi dishes without fish. Making vegan rainbow sushi has been on my list for a while. I saw it on Instagram a couple of times but I wanted to make it with natural food coloring.

I made purple, pink and green sushi all with natural ingredients (no food coloring!) and all vegan!
Prepare the sushi rice as stated on the package and let it cool completely. Divide the sushi over 3 bowls. Add a teaspoon of macha powder to one bowl, a teaspoon of maqui powder to the second bowl and a tablespoon of red beet juice to the 3rd bowl. Stir to combine.
You can now roll your sushi rolls with this colored sushi. As ingredients for the filling I used carrot, avocado, cucumber, red beets and spinach. You can also add some vegan mayonaise to your rolls, just spread it over the rice before you put the toppings on top.

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