My favorites of the Vegetarian Restaurant Week

From March 11 to 18 2019 it’s time for the Vegetarian Restaurant Week. During this week many restaurants will show you how tasty a vegetarian dinner can be. Long before I became a vegetarian I already ordered mostly vegetarian dishes at restaurants, simply because I found them the most tasteful. The time where the only veggie dish on the menu was a goat cheese salad is long gone and chefs are getting very creative with vegetarian dishes. On this page I’m sharing my favorites of the Vegetarian Restaurant Week. I’ve been to all restaurants listed myself and I think their chefs are leading in showing that vegetarian dishes should have a prominent place on the restaurants menu and aren’t any less culinary than a meat or fish dish.

Restaurant Hemingway, Bergen op Zoom

Both the red beet carpaccio at the top of this page as the green pea soup pictured above are vegetarian dishes that I once had at Restaurant Hemingway in Bergen op Zoom. Hemingway is located in the oldest hotel of the Netherlands, so when you book your table for the Vegetarian Restaurant Week you might want to book a room at Hotel de Draak as well.
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La Nouvelle Auberge

La Nouvelle Auberge (formerly known as Auberge du Bonheur) is housed in a beautiful villa in my hometown Tilburg. The chef often works with ingredients from the forest and herb garden right behind the restaurant, so the dishes often have seasonal ingredients. La Nouvelle Auberge also has a hotel right next to it, so you can sleep over for a complete night out.
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De Houtloods, Tilburg

Another favorite in my hometown Tilburg: De Houtloods. It was one of the first restaurants in Tilburg that showed that a vegetarian dish can be more creative than a pasta pesto. Every dish is a work of art at De Houtloods located in the hip area De Spoorzone. If you’re fast you can book a spot at the open kitchen so you can see how the chefs prepare the dishes.

Eetcafe Ceramique, Maastricht

Restaurant Ceramique in Maastricht always has good vegetarian dishes on the menu, not only during the Vegetarian Restaurant Week. They combine traditional regional dishes with new and surprising ingredients. They’re one of the few restaurants in the province Limburg that joins the Vegetarian Restaurant Week, so make sure to book your table as soon as you can.
You can read more about Restaurant Ceramique on this page.

Restaurant Aarde, Den Bosch

Restaurant Aarde in Den Bosch is named after the earth because they work as sustainable as possible. So they always have many vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu. As a ‘travel foodie’ I really like it that they serve dishes from all over the world. From Indonesia to Mexico, they’ve got you covered for a culinary trip around the world!
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Goldfinch Brasserie, Amsterdam

They don’t have a vegetarian week at Brasserie Goldfinch; but a vegetarian month! From March 11 to April 11 the restaurant at the Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam serves a gastronomic 3 or 4 course menu that’s completely vegetarian. 2 Michelin star chef Sidney Schutte has been showing that the vegetarian kitchen can be just as rich in taste for a long time and this month the dinner menu at Brasserie Goldfinch will prove his point.

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