Food News April 2020

The world is in a strange place at the moment, with the Covid19 pandamic changing all of our lives. Despite the Corona crisis, there’s still food news that got announced this month. And I guess as the economy is going to get hit real hard, there’s no hurt in supporting your favorite brands. This way we can keep the economic damage low. And please, also keep the health damage low, and stay at home as much as you can!
Anyway, here’s the food news of April 2020. With a giveaway and some great discount codes!

Tristar Pizza Festa

Now that we can’t go out for dinner, this Pizza Festa from Tristar is perfect! You can create that pizzeria feeling in your dining room. You can use it with up to 6 people and your pizzas are done in 5-7 minutes. It’s real fun to have all the ingredients on the table and everyone can just top them with whatever they want.
You can now win a Tristar Pizza Festa on my Facebook page.


I discovered something new: MealHero. MealHero is the perfect solution for when you’re busy and you don’t feel like cooking. And even in these quarantine times when I’m way less busy, I still love it. Because I’m cooking at home much more these days and I’m often running out of inspiration. Besides, it’s great if you want to avoid the busy supermarket. How MealHero works is that you get a steam-oven and you order the meals of your choice online. I mostly went for vegetarian meals, but I also got some with fish and meat for my boyfriend. The special oven and the meals get deliverd to your house. You can save the meals in the freezer. Now comes the genius part; you just scan the label of the meal and the steam-oven will know what to do. Cooking made easy!
Because I’m such a big fan, I’ve arranged that I can give my readers a big discount. You can get a 30 euro discount for 3 times! Just download the MealHero app and use discount code ‘ANNETRAVELFOODIE3X30’.

Vegan Bacon Spread

‘Yes, but bacon…’ is a sentence often said by people who want to eat less meat because of environmental and ethical reasons, but who just love the taste of meat. Well, I’ve got good news! You don’t have to miss the taste of bacon when you’re eating vegetarian or vegan. You can make your own ‘facon‘ or buy this vegan b-con spread from Do you Dare?. This spread is a great addition to your veggie sandwich. My favorite combination is hummus, avocado and b-con spread. But it’s also great on an egg sandwich. I was one of the firsts to try it, but it’ll be available to order soon.

Foodsisters Cookingbook

The Foodsisters have created a cookbook with an 8 week plan to lose some weight. It includes recipes, week menu’s and grocery lists. All the recipes in the book are free from refined sugars and low in carbs. The cookbook is available in Dutch.
Click here to order the Foodsisters cookbook.

HEMA 50cl wine

HEMA has introduced a new wine range; 8 bottles from 50cl. Each bottle contains about 4 glasses of wine (instead of the regular 6), this way you can drink more responsible and you won’t have to throw away any wine. Now that we’re all sitting at home, you might open up a bottle of wine at home much more often. These new 50cl wines from HEMA are a great solution. They come in 8 different grape varieties, 4 white and 4 red. You can order the wine online.

The Lemon Kitchen Cookbook

My foodblogging friend Jadis Schreuder, from The Lemon Kitchen has brought out her own book! It’s an informative cookbook all about lemons! She shows you how you can use lemons in literally all kinds of dishes. From sandwiches to cakes and from salads to pastas. The recipes are categorized per season, which I really loved.
Click here to order The Lemon Kitchen cookbook. Please note that it’s in Dutch.


Bumi isn’t a new brand, but I just discovered their tempeh products and they have launched two new products this month as well. The 100% organic Bumi tempeh comes in three different flavors. They’re already marinated, so all you have to do is quickly warm them up. There are recipe suggestions on the packages.
And as of this month Bumi also has two different sandwich spreads; a pumkin coconut curry spread and a Mediterranean ratatouille spread.
The Bumi products are available at Ekoplaza and Marqt in the Netherlands and at Bio-Planet in Belgium.
Click here for a recipe with the Bumi Asian Tempeh.

Le Creuset Shell Pink

One of my favorite cookware manufacturers, Le Creuset, has released a new color that is perfect for this spring and summer. It’s called Shell Pink. On the tableware and cookware you’ll see the colors going soft pink to off white. The name fits the new line very well, as it might remind you of the sea shells you see at some tropical beaches.
You can have a look at all the Shell Pink products and order them online here.

Vegan Masters

Vegan Masters is the solution for everyone that wants to eat vegan but doesn’t always like cooking. On their website you can order vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner dishes that’ll be delivered to your door. They deliver within 24 hours in the Netherlands, and in Amsterdam even within 1 hour!
I’ve got a 20% discount code especially for my visitors. Use code:
Foodie20 during check-out for your discount at

Lazy Vegan

From now on there are three vegan meals available in the freezer of Albert Heijn Supermarkets. These Lazy Vegan meals are a super easy way to eat vegan. All the ingredients are already in the bag, all you have to do is take it out of the freezer and warm them in a pan for 8 minutes. Besides vegan, the meals are also gluten-free. The Lazy Vegan meals are also available at Jumbo supermarkets and Marqt in the Netherlands and Sainsburry’s in the United Kingdom.


Falastin is a new cookbook filled with recipes from Palestine. It’s made by Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley. Yotam Ottolenghi wrote the preface and Sami was a co-author on his books Jerusalem and Ottolenghi – the cookbook and Tara co-wrote on 4 of Ottolenghi’s books including Simple.
The beautiful hardcover cookbook Falastin has over 100 Palestinian recipes from cities like Nazareth, Bethlehem and East-Jerusalem. It’s filled with beautiful pictures and some background stories.
Click here to order Falastin in Dutch.

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