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It’s time to keep you posted about all the Food News of May 2019. With Mother’s day and Spring in full bloom it’s a wonderful month. And these new food products might make you happy too! I’m sure that the discount at MyMuesli will make you happy, but check out the other new products too.
All food items listed on this page are tried and approved by me!
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Mazzetti Balsamico
Italian family business Mazzetti has been making balsamic vinegar for 3 generations. They make it from grapes on the Modena hills between Bologna and Parma in the North of Italy. Aceto Balsamico literally means beneficial vinegar. The Romans already made balsamic and used it as a medicine and it has been made in the Modena area since the middle ages. So this balsamico has a rich history! I often use balsamic as a dressing for a salad, but it’s also great to marinade chicken or tofu.

Rude Health Crunch Bars
You might know Rude Health from the plant-based milk products or from their Cornitas. From now on you’ll also know them from their Crunch Bars. They’ve released two different kinds of bars; one with peanuts and one with sesame. They’re 100% organic and full of unprocessed ingredients. They’re a great healthy snack for when you’re at work or traveling.

Kazidomi tomato products
Kazidomi, the healthy online supermarket, has launched their own tomato products range. They’ve made 11 different products that are all tomato based. They’ve got several different tomato sauces that are great to combine with pasta. They’ve got original flavors like tomato sauce with zucchini or eggplant. The tomato paste is great to use on your pizza. All products are vegetarian.
You can get a 20,-euro discount on your Kazidomi membership if you use code ANNE20.

Tony’s Chocolonely lemon poppy seed
One of my most favorite chocolate brands in the world has released a new chocolate bar: Lemon poppyseed crumble. It’s a white chocolate bar inspired by lemon poppyseed cake. With the hint of lemon, it’s a perfect bar for this summer. The Tony’s Chocolonely lemon poppy seed crumble is available as of today and will be in stores for 1 year only.

Mother’s Day Muesli
This Mother’s Day you can create your own muesli for your mother. They’ve designed a wonderful wrapper with pink flowers and you can create your own muesli mixture. Also perfect for moms with allergies or dietary restrictions.
I can now give you a 10euro discount on your own MyMuesli mix! You can create your own mix by adding the ingredients that you like, choosing the wrapping and even choosing your own name! Click here to order MyMuesli with a 10euro discount. The discount is valid until May 13.

Starbucks at Home
Starbucks has launched a whole range of coffee products for you to enjoy the Starbucks flavors from your own coach. The Starbucks at Home collection makes it possible to create Starbucks coffees with your own coffee machine. No matter what kind of coffee machine you have, you can now be your own barista. They have capsules for Nespresso and Dolce Gusto, coffee beans and ground coffee.

Vegan Burger Buns
No Fairytales, the brand you know from the colorful veggie wraps, has something new: vegan burger buns. They have two flavors: Tomato-Onion and Paprika-Chili. Both buns are vegan and have 33% vegetables in each bun. So they’re a lot more healthy than a plain white bun. Perfect for your veggie burgers at your vegetarian barbecue party this summer.
Als new; Carrot-Anise buns. These buns are great with or without toppings. These buns are also vegan and contain 33% vegetables as well.

Bart’s Bites
Speed skater and Olympic golden medalist Bart Veldkamp has created his own healthy snack: Bart’s Bites. He actually created them together with his mother who’s a nutritionist. The nutritious snacks come in 3 flavors: Espresso, Red Fruit and Chocolate. The snacks are 100% organic and vegan and don’t contain any added sugar. They are full of fruits, veggies and seeds. They’ll give you energy to keep you going without any junk.

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