Gluten free breakfast pie

I love how Instagram is a big source of inspiration! One of the people that really inspires me is Marike, better known as Oh My Pie. She turns her coeliac disease ‘burden’ into a party! On her website she shares her recipes for her mouthwatering gluten free cakes. Marike is a very inspiring, cheerful person and her cakes are beautiful. And even better: they’re healthy! As a matter of fact, they’re so healthy that you can have them for breakfast!
I’ve been following Marieke’s Instagram account for a while now and every time I saw those beautiful cakes, I felt the wish to make one myself grow stronger. As she was also inspired by my feed, we decided to do a food swap! She turned my vegan, gluten free bounties into a cake and I made one of her breakfast cheesecakes!
I have to say I feel a bit embarrassed, since her creations are so beautiful and my version of her pie wouldn’t win a beauty contest, even though it tasted great. So check her website for the beautiful versions and the recipes in Dutch.
Check the English recipe of my version of the gluten free cheesecake from Oh My Pie here.

glutenfree coffee cheesecake

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