What is a Buddha Bowl?

Ever heard of a Buddha Bowl? Wondering what it is? Buddha Bowls are a big trend in the healthy food world and you might have seen #BuddhaBowl on Instagram quite a few times.
A Buddha Bowl is a healthy meal in a bowl. It’s probably named after Buddha’s round belly. A Buddha Bowl is most often a dinner dish but it could also be served at lunch. It’s a one bowl dish and should include all the nutrients you’ll need in one bowl. Buddha Bowls are vegan, so there shouldn’t be any animal products in them like meat, fish, cheese or eggs. In a Buddha Bowl you’ll have several nutrient ingredients put together.
There’s not 1 combination, it’s more a concept than a recipe.
It should contain whole grains, plant based protein and vegetables.

what is a buddha bowl

For grains or starch you can use rice, quinoa, barley or sweet potatoes for example.
Plant proteins could be ingredients like chickpeas, beans, tofu or tempeh. (Read here about the difference between tofu and tempeh). And you can add any kind of vegetable you’d like. I use at least one green vegetable like broccoli or spinach to get my iron intake.
For this buddha bowl recipe I used spinach, falafel, broccoli, sweet potato fries, lime, pomegranate seeds and guacamole.
Most healthy foodies make their buddha bowl as colorful as possible, because hey: it needs to look good on Instagram!

Check out more Buddha Bowl inspiration on Instagram:

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As you might have seen in my stories or my previous post, I went to the opening of the new @hemanederland in my hometown #Tilburg today. They’ve got a whole new food concept where they sell healthy meals called #LekkerHEMA. These veggie saladbowls are also available there! Check my blog post for more news about the new HEMA store! #HEMA #saladbowl

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