High Wine at Luden in Den Haag

Are you looking for a good place to have a high wine in The Hague? You should book the High Wine at Luden in Den Haag (as it’s called in Dutch). The High Wine at Restaurant Luden consists of four courses and three glasses of wine.

You might have done quite a few high tea’s in your life, but did you ever do a high wine or a Beers & Bites? At Restaurant Luden in The Hague you can do both, but as I like wine better I went for the High Wine.
The high wine is served every day between 2 and 5pm and you need to reserve for at least 2 people.

Because of the name and the time of the day (2 to 5 pm), I thought you would get small bites with your wines. I prepared for a few tapas bites but it turned out to be quite the meal. I recommend you skip lunch on the day that you have your high wine. As a matter of fact, you probably don’t even need dinner anymore after your high wine.
You start the High Wine with a South African wine from Boschendal, you can choose whether you want red, white or rose. Served with this first glass of wine is a board with several small bites like olives, pecorino cheese and bruschetta. The original version is with meat and fish but you can also get a vegetarian version.

The second course is a homemade soup with bread. The soup changes regularly but is always vegetarian friendly.

After the soup it was time for another round of wines, this time we got a French wine. You could choose between a red or white Gentry wine from the Languedoc area in France or a La Promenade Rose from the Provence.
With the wine also came the main dish, which actually consisted of 3 smaller dishes. The regular version was salmon filet with a Thai sauce, black angus steak with a black pepper and wasabi sauce and ravioli. The vegetarian version was a lasagna, green asparagus and a ravioli with mushrooms, truffle, creamy truffle sauce, Parmesan cheese and rocket.

As if we didn’t have enough food yet, we also got a delicious dessert. The dessert had a line of chocolate sauce on the plate, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, stracciatella mousse, strawberry cheesecake and whipped cream. It was all very tasty, but the stracciatella mousse was to die for.
You get a nice South African dessert wine with your dessert.

As you can see, you really get a lot of food at the high wine at Luden in The Hague. So make sure you don’t eat too much beforehand!

I enjoyed this high wine with my foodie friend Ces from Ceskitchen. We had a great time together. It’s so nice to get all this delicious food and good wines, it really sets the right atmosphere.
I can highly recommend the High Wine at Luden in The Hague, although you should consider it more a heavy lunch than an afternoon ‘borrel’, as you get a lot of food.
Reserve your table at Restaurant Luden here

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