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Vondelpark3, the restaurant in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam, has released a new menu that is based on the Keteo lifestyle. A visit to the most famous park of Amsterdam, the Vondelpark, is a must if you’re traveling to Amsterdam. Every season is nice to stroll around the park, whether it is to see the first flowers popping up in spring or to see the orange leaves in autumn. And with restaurant Vondelpark3 at the beginning of the park you’ll always have a great stop to have breakfast, lunch or dinner before or after your walk in the park. Vondelpark3 has just released a new menu that is based on the Keto lifestyle.

Keto is short for ketogenic, the Keto diet focusses on dishes that are high in fat and low in carbs. On the new menu of Vondelpark3 you’ll see the grams of carbs, fibers, fats and proteins for each dish. So you can choose whether you go for a real Keto (high fat-low carb) dish or if you want something different.
The dishes are a bit bigger than a starter and a big smaller than a main dish. So we shared a dish for starters, both had our own main dish and shared one dish for dessert. For the starter we went for the Sunny Spring Rolls; rice paper rolls filled with vegetables and served with a Vietnamese sauce.

For the main dish I went for the Cauliflower Power, a curry made with cauliflower, chickpeas, sweet potatoes and coconut milk. The curry was very tasty without being too spicy and I loved how they served it with the rice in a separate bowl.

The dessert is truly spectaculair. They have 3 different kinds but with all of them they bring a plate with a big ball to your table. Then they poor over the sauce and the ball opens up like a lotus flower, revealing more of the dessert inside like the pistil of a flower. We shared the chocolate version and it was enough for the two of us as besides the chocolate panna cotta with tapioca pearls it also had chocolate ice cream and chocolate-sea salt sauce.

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