On this page I’ll tell you about my favorite food options in Madrid. All restaurants listed on this page have good vegetarian options.MadridAnneTravelFoodie

What I like about Madrid is that it doesn’t have that many must-see attractions. That gives you all the time to just stroll around in the lovely streets, walk from square to square and eat plenty of tapas. On this page I’ll tell you about my favorite food options in Madrid. All restaurants listed on this page have good vegetarian options.

My favorite vegetarian-friendly breakfast spot in Madrid is Federal Café. They have a vegan chia pudding with cacao, coconut milk, quinoa and nuts and several vegetarian options. I went for the rye bread with avocado, tahini, black sesame gomashio and a poached egg (skip the egg for a vegan version). They also have a feta bruschetta with caramelized onion and rocket, fluffy pancakes with banana and French toast with a cornflake crust amongst their vegetarian options.
There are two locations in Madrid and they also have restaurants in Girona and Barcelona.


One of the places that I, as a real foodie, loved is Mercado de San Miguel, close to Plaza Mayor. It’s one of Madrid’s oldest markets and it’s beautifully renovated. It opens every day at 10am and it’s open till after dinner time.
It has several stands that all sell bite size finger food. My favorite stand was Mozheart, where they sell all kinds of mozzarella tapas. Including vegetarian, gluten free options with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes.

Speaking of vegetarian… one of the most healthy options in Madrid is Sanissimo, a healthy fast-food bar. They have delicious vegetarian and organic bagels. And their fresh fruit-juices are a must-try.


One of my favorite tapas restaurants in Madrid is El Lateral. They have several bars in Madrid and they all serve delicious pinchos.
They have wonderful wines to accompany the tapas you’ll eat.
It’s a bit fancy and not super cheap, but seeing the quality you’ll get, it’s a reasonable price.


According to many, Las Bravas has the best Patatas Bravas in Madrid. Their version of the Bravas sauce (spicy tomato sauce) is even patented. You can buy your portion to go so you can enjoy it at home, or eat it there. I recommend the last one, so your patatas will be warm and fresh.
To be quite honest, I was a little bit disappointed. I expected the sauce to be more creamy. But every local told me I needed to go there, so maybe you should to and get your own opinion!

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