Best food spots in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is by far my most favorite food city in the world. As a vegetarian, Tel Aviv and Israel in general is a true heaven. All the restaurants in Tel Aviv have plenty of vegetarian options and most of them have vegan options too. On this page I’m sharing my favorite food spots in Tel Aviv. Whether you’re looking for the best hummus of Tel Aviv or the best vegan restaurants in Israel’s vibrant city: you can all find it on this page.

Best Hummus in Tel Aviv

You can’t go to Tel Aviv and not eat hummus at least once. I’m a big hummus fan; it’s one of the few sandwich toppings that is quite healthy and vegan. Once you’ve eaten real hummus you’ll know that it’s much better than the store-bought ones and I don’t think there’s anywhere else in the world where the hummus is better than in Israel. Most of the hummus spots in Tel Aviv make a big batch of hummus in the morning and serve it until it’s sold out. So it’s something you’ll eat for breakfast or lunch rather than dinner.
Abu Hassan is sometimes referred to as the best hummus spot in Tel Aviv, but it’s actually located in Jaffa. The old town Jaffa is attached to Tel Aviv and it’s a nice beach side stroll to get there but you might not always have time to go there. So I went hunting for the best hummus restaurant of Tel Aviv and I found it in Kaspi. It’s sometimes called Caspi as the Hebrew letter Kaf is, just like the letter C sometimes, pronounced as a K. The restaurant is named after the chef who started it in 2011 and now has 6 branches in Tel Aviv so there’s always one nearby! They have several hummus dishes. The standard hummus and the Kaspi hummus with parsley, garlic and lemon are the best-sellers. But you can also be more adventurous and go for the hummus with pine nuts or roasted mushrooms. They even have a hummus shakshuka.
Your hummus is always served with pita bread and they also have other dishes on the menu to complete your breakfast feast like Bourekas, falafel, labaneh and shakshuka.

Best Home Dinner experience in Tel Aviv

When traveling, if you wish to really taste a culture the best way to do it will be by eating with the locals. Betzavta, which means together in Hebrew, is a social initiative that connects travelers and Israelis. They have more than a 1000 hosts all over Israel; families, couples, roommates, and friends. By filling a 3 minutes form, they know enough about you for finding the perfect match: a host with the same family status or fields of interests. Basically, the most special dinner will be Friday dinner (Shabbath) but if you are not available on the weekends you can book for every day of the week.

Best Vegan Restaurant Tel Aviv

Anastasia is my favorite vegan restaurant in Tel Aviv. Everything on the menu is completely plant-based. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can get your vegan fix at any time of the day. On the breakfast menu you’ll find items like oatmeal porridge and cereal. They also have an ‘open table’ which gives you all kinds of small vegan breakfast dishes like a corn omelet, bread, vegetable salad and several vegan spreads. They even have a vegan shakshuka at Anastasia, for this version of my favorite Israeli breakfast dish they use balls made of polenta and tofu instead of the eggs. For lunch they have sandwiches with scrambled tofu or artichoke hearts for example and 5 different vegan salads. My favorite is the quinoa salad with roasted butternut squash, roasted beetroot, avocado and spinach that you can see on the top of this page.
From noon they serve their main dishes including their vegan paella. They also have an extended dessert menu with several sugar free and gluten free options. Throughout the menu all gluten-free and raw dishes are marked clearly.

Best lunch in Tel Aviv

My favorite spot for lunch in Tel Aviv is Landwer. This successful formula now has branches all over Israel and in Tel Aviv alone they already have more than 15 locations. Landwer is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Picking a favorite dish at Landwer is hard. From the avocado brioche to the mozzarella eggs and from the acai bowl to the red lentils omelet: I like practically everything on the menu at Landwer. They have a separate kosher menu and vegan menu to make it easier for you. They also have great smaller dishes to share with your table. Their labaneh is delicious and try to have at least one dish with bread on your table (for example the Challah) as it’s home made on the spot. They don’t use preservatives and additives and you can taste the high quality of the ingredients in the dishes.

Best dinner in Tel Aviv

Israel is my favorite food destination in the world, so I have to say that I never had a bad meal in Tel Aviv. But if I have to pick one favorite for dinner it would be Night Kitchen. Just like in most restaurants in Tel Aviv there are many vegetarian options and just like most restaurants in Tel Aviv you get inspired to use more tahini when you make dinner at home. But Night Kitchen stands out for different reasons. First of all the atmosphere in the restaurant is really nice. You have several cozy corners and creative interior decoration with second-hand elements. Then there’s the food which is just simply delicious. There wasn’t one dish I didn’t like. I can’t choose whether the Eggplant Masbaba, the roasted cauliflower with tahini or the baked sweet potatoes with burned peppers cream was my favorite starter. The homemade gnocchi with butter and sage is to die for and you simply must try their crème brulee lollipops for dessert.
And perhaps what I like most about Night Kitchen is their concept. You can order dishes from the menu like any other restaurant but you can also go for their ‘feast’. For a set price you get unlimited drinks and the waitress puts all their best dishes on your table. She kept on bringing plate after plate, so be sure you arrive with an appetite.

Best Pre-Clubbing Restaurant

Are you going for a night out in Tel Aviv? Experience the rich nightlife with its many clubs and bars is a great thing to do in Tel Aviv. Especially if you’re with a group of friends, or maybe even celebrating a bachelor party. A nice restaurant to have dinner beforehand is Coco Bambino. This Italian inspired restaurants serves satisfying dishes that will make sure you can dance and drink for hours. You order as many dishes as you’d like with your company and share them all. The risotto balls are great and so is the sweet potato carpaccio. They have several pasta dishes like risotto and linguine and some pastas have an Israeli twist like the Middle Easter tortellini with za’atar butter and labneh. They also have 4 different brick oven pizza’s and even though I’m sure that all these dishes won’t leave you hungry, they also got really good desserts like their cheesecake or mille-feuile.
Coco Bambino is owned by the winner of Israel’s Master Chef Tom Aviv and Uri Raz who’s also behind other popular restaurants. The interior is fun and campy and make sure you check out the toilets. Oh and the front door is very Instagrammable with Christmas lights and fake flowers.

Best Coffee to Go in Tel Aviv

The first Aroma espresso bar has opened up in Jerusalem and they now have branches all over the country (and even a few abroad like in New York). The core principles of Aroma are: superior self-roasted coffee, fresh food made to order, fair prices, modern and pleasant atmosphere and enthusiastic service. Especially if you’re in a hurry, the coffee and pastries of Aroma Espresso Bar a great take. I recommend the carrot cake or the orange cake pictured above.

Best outdoor seating in Tel Aviv

Jenia is my favorite place in Tel Aviv to sit outside. They have a nice terrace in front of the cafe for people watching and a more sheltered terrace with many plants on the side of the cafe. It’s very centrally located at the Dizengoff Square (the square on the middle of a roundabout), where you can also find the beautiful Bauhaus architecture building Cinema Hotel. They serve great food at Jenia, from breakfast to dinner. But it’s already a nice spot to just have a drink.

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