Rueda Wine Region in Spain

On this page I”m telling you all about the Rueda wine region in Spain. Rueda is one of Spains leading wine regions. You might not know much about the Rueda region yet, although I’m sure you’re familiar with its most popular grape: Verdejo.
Please read on if you want to learn more about the Spanish wine region Rueda.

Wine region Rueda

The Rueda wine region can be found in Spain, North-West of Madrid. It’s a region consisting of 74 municipalities with no less than 68 wineries. Rueda is found on high plains, around 700-900 meters above sea level. Because summers in Rueda are warm and dry, the vine roots need to dig deep in the soil to get water. More so than in other European regions. These conditions give the Rueda wines their characteristic taste.
Although the region also produces some red and rose wines, it’s mostly known for its white wines. The vast majority of wines that the region produces are white wines, and the most used grape is the Verdejo grape.


You’ve probably had a Verdejo wine before but you might not know that it came from the Rueda region in Spain! The Verdejo grape has been cultivated in the Rueda area for 10 centuries!
What’s typical for the Verdejo grape is the combination of flavours. On one hand you can smell and taste mountain herbs and fruit and on the other hand it has a refreshing acidity. The wines are very harmonious.
I personally like Verdejo wines as it’s high in flavour, but also easy to drink.

Fun fact: the Netherlands is the biggest sales market for Verdejo wines. So I guess I’m not the only Dutchie that loves Verdejo!

Verdejo food pairing

Because the Verdejo has a nice aroma but a fresh taste, so you can combine it with many different kind of dishes. The most popular Verdejo food pairing combination is with fish. So it goes great with sushi. But as a vegetarian I love to combine Verdejo with pasta or salads.

Other grape varieties

98% of the vineyards in Rueda have white grapes. The majority of the white grapes that are cultivated are Verdejo grapes. No less than 87% of all white grapes cultivated are Verdejo grapes. Other grape varieties are Sauvignon Blanc and Viura.
There are some small amounts of red grape vineyards as well, they mostly have Tempranillo grapes, but you can also find some Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes.

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