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On December 1st 2023 restaurant Nomadas opens up in Tilburg. On this page I’m telling you all about this new restaurant in Brabant. I’ll tell you where it’s located, what’s on the menu and my own personal review as I was one of the first who had dinner there; even before the official opening! Continue to read all about restaurant Nomadas in Tilburg.

Nomadas Gastrobar

Nomadas Gastrobar was one of the new restaurants in Tilburg that opened up in 2023. You can find Nomadas on the Academielaan. Restaurant La Cabaña used to be here for almost 16 years, but you won’t recognize it after the big renovation.
It’s located on the intersection with the Bredaseweg, right before the University in Tilburg west.

The name Nomadas comes from ‘nomads’ because chef Javier Ordonez was born in Ecuador, raised on Lanzarote and moved to Tilburg several years ago.

The owner of the property is Rien van Linschoten; who already made succeses out of RAW and Noir for example. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Nomadas will be a big hit as well.

The Chefs of Nomadas

Chef Javier Ordonez moved to the Netherlands from Lanzarote because of love. His love for cooking began at a young age and only grew stronger during his journey through South America. The Peruvian Nikkei cuisine has captured his heart, and his passion for this craft shines through in every dish he prepares.

Armando, an Ecuadorian chef who lived in Madrid for some time before settling in the Netherlands, brings his culinary heritage with him. He has always cooked with joy and dedication, and now, in their own restaurant, he can showcase even more of his culinary skills.

The Menu of Nomadas

The slogan of Nomadas is: Tast the World, Discover the Flavors. And because of the background of the chefs, you can expect dishes inspired by the flavors of Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries. But you can also find influences of Japan and the modern Asian cuisine.

You can go for a 4 course menu, a 6 course menu, eat a la carte or order bites from the ‘borrelkaart’. On the menu you’ll find shared dining dishes in the price range of 12,50 to 17,50.
Nomadas offers a nice balance of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Think Argentinian gamba’s, rice with squid from Valencia and potato mille fuille from Uruguay.

They also have three desserts at Nomadas in Tilburg; Pistache Souffle, Tres Leches and a cheese board.

Besides sodas and tasty wines you can also order one of their cocktails like the popular Pornstar Martini or the Peruvian cocktail Pisco Sour.

My Review

Nomadas already posted reviews on their website before the renovation was done, so I don’t think those are very reliable. But here’s my review of the new restaurant Nomadas in Tilburg.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful interior. It’s nog the dark tapas bar anymore for sure! The space is open and light. With the use of many wood types and natural colors. You’ll feel the the touch of South America, without it being to camp or kitchy. And Nomadas has a lot of space. If you enter you’ll arrive in the area where the bar also is, but to the right there’s another area and in the back as well. There’s also a little garden where you can sit outside when the weather is nice.

The flavourful dishes are served on beautiful plates. The menu is truly unique for Tilburg and therefore alone already reason to visit Nomadas. The dishes are high in flavour, but also adapted to the Dutch audience by not making them too spicy or adding too much cilantro.

The vegetarian options are also very tasty, something which is not a given in Tilburg. As a main dish I had a miso aubergine with coconut cream that was very tasty.

Make sure to leave some room for dessert. I had the Tres Leches dessert, with three small dishes all made with a different kind of milk.

Practical information

Restaurant Nomadas can be found at Academielaan 73.
It’s open on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 5pm onwards.
You can reserve your table via their website.

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