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I started my Instagram account and this website 5 years ago because I wanted to eat more healthy. I always loved cooking and baking, but when I was turning 30 I wanted to take better care of my body and cook more healthy. As I experimented with healthy, vegetarian recipes; I decided that I wanted to share them with the world so that other people that want to eat healthy can make them as well. And now we’re 5 years on the road and I’ve inspired hundreds of thousands of people to eat more healthy. On this page I’ve listed my most popular recipes in 5 years of Anne Travel Foodie.

1 Avocado Pancakes

By far my most popular recipe on my blog: my avocado pancakes. If you’ve been following me for a while than you know that I love avocado. I eat it so often and I just love how it looks. It became a symbol for my blog, and I even created an avocado filter that you can use on Instagram and Facebook.
So it might not be a surprise that an avocado recipe is the most popular on my blog. These avocado pancakes are gluten-free and I’ve got the recipe in English and Dutch on my website.
Click here for the recipe of my avocado pancakes.

2 Healthy Nuts and Seeds Cookies

I always love making healthy versions of unhealthy dishes, and I guess you also love healthified recipes as this recipe for healthy cookies is very popular. I love this recipe myself as well. These cookies are healthy, super easy to make and super fast to make. There’s no refined sugar in these cookies. And all you need is 6 ingredients and 15 minutes.
Click here for the recipe of my healthy nuts and seeds cookies.

3 Kawaii Food

I don’t know why you shouldn’t play with your food. I love creating playful and cute food. All these cute food ideas are great to make for and/or with kids. For example in a school holiday or for a kids birthday party. But I have to admit that I, as an adult, like them just as much! And apparently I’m not alone as it’s one of the most read recipe blogs on my website. In Japan they like these kinds of food as well, they call it Kawaii Food.
Click here for all cute food ideas.

4 Unicorn Noodles

Aren’t these unicorn noodles magical? The coloring is 100% natural so you can eat these without feeling guilty. It’s a simple trick that will get your noodles in these pretty purple and pink colors. I’m showing you in a short YouTube video, but you can also read the written recipe on my website.
Click here for my Unicorn Noodles recipe.

5 Oatmeal Pizza

Did you know that you can have pizza for breakfast?
This oatmeal pizza is a great breakfast dish. It’s tasty, looks beautiful and it’s healthy too. I can’t think of a better way to start your day! This oatmeal pizza is gluten free, sugar free and dairy free.
Click here for the recipe of this oatmeal pizza.

6 Bulgur Mushrooms and Feta

This recipe for bulgur with mushrooms and feta is the only recipe from my blog in Dutch that made it to the top10. It’s a recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook Simple.
Click here for the recipe of bulgur with mushrooms and feta.

7 Sushi Pie

When I started this blog, I just started my journey towards healthy eating. I already discovered quite fast that most meats are very unhealthy so I stopped eating meat around the same time as I started my blog. In the beginning I did still eat fish, but after a while I got ethical objections to eating fish. I haven’t eaten fish in years, but this Sushi Pie that I made years ago is still a very popular recipe on my blog. It’s also the most watched video on my YouTube channel.
Click here for the recipe of this Sushi Pie.

8 Vegan Peanut Butter Brownies

These healthy peanut butter brownies are also a very popular recipe on my blog. They’re super easy to make, sugar-free and vegan. You’ll only need 4 ingredients to make them and they’re super moist!
Click here for my vegan peanut butter brownie recipe.

9 Vegan Baileys Cheesecake

As soon as the vegan Baileys came out in the Netherlands, I wanted to create a vegan recipe with it. I made these vegan Baileys Cheesecakes. The Oreo cookie base goes great with the creamy ‘cheesecake’ layer.
Click here for the recipe of these vegan Baileys Cheesecakes.

10 Zephyrs

When I was in Latvia I found out about a sweet named Zephyr (sometimes spelled Zefir). It’s a Russian confectionery that is very popular in Latvia. They aren’t sold in the Netherlands so I had no idea what to expect. Zephyrs might look like meringues but they’re really different. For starters you won’t need an oven to make them!
Click here for my Zephyr recipe.

Want more inspiration? Click here for all my recipes.

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