New food emojis 2020

Hurray! There are some new food emojis available! There’s a round of emojis that got approved at the end of 2019 and that got gradually introduced and there are emojis that are announced and will be available later in 2020. On this page I’m sharing all the new food emojis of 2020.

2019 Food Emojis

There was a big number of new emoji’s that got introduced in the fall of 2019. They were gradually added to phones, so by now everyone should have these. The emojis look slightly different on Iphone and Androids. The falafel for example sometimes is a plate with hummus and about 10 falafel balls on sometimes lettuce with 3 falafel balls.
The new emojis that everyone got at the end of 2019 or start of 2020 in the food category are:
onion, garlic, mate, falafel, waffle, butter, apple juice and ice cube.
You can check your phone to see if you also already have them!

2020 Food Emojis

The new food emojis of 2020 have just been announced. Sometime this year you’ll find them on your phone. Below you see all the new food emojis.

Green Bell Pepper
Another vegetable has been added to the list of fruit and veggies emojis! A green bell pepper (or paprika).

Another healthy new emoji, these blueberries will soon be added to your Emoji keyboard.

Bubble Tea
A very popular drink in Asia that is now also gaining popularity in the Netherlands: Bubble Tea. This emoji will be available in 2020 as well.

Another new food emoji will be this flatbread. All kinds of countries have their own kind of flatbread, I think the emoji looks a bit like pita bread.

Cheese Fondue
Originated in Switzerland, the cheese fondue emoji will be available worldwide soon. The fondue pot has the Swiss flag on it.

We already had the Martini emoji with an olive in it, but the olive will soon be available as a separate emoji.

Tamale is a Central and South American dish. It’s dough wrapped in a leaf. You often use the leaf as your plate when you eat it.

It’s not really food, but you’ll be able to find it among the food emojis, so I’ve decided to mention it in the list of food emojis.

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