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Eating healthy can be a bit of a challenge on the days that you don’t have time to cook. When you’re cooking yourself, you can make sure it’s healthy with one of my many recipes. But the days when you’re short on time or when you don’t feel like cooking can be a bit of a challenge.
Luckily having food delivered doesn’t have to be unhealthy anymore! I remember just a few years ago when you could only have fries, shoarma and kebab delivered. Those days are gone!

I’m very happy with Deliveroo in my hometown Tilburg, as they have several healthy options on their list.
One of my favorites is Doncurado, a tapas restaurant that also delivers their tapas with Deliveroo in both Tilburg as Den Bosch.

tilburg deliveroo doncurado
Tapas, if done well, don’t have to be unhealthy at all! First of all, eating healthy is a lot about portion control, so tapas have got you settled for that part. And as Doncurado only uses real ingredients, you don’t need any extra salt or sugar. I ordered everything pictured on this page for when my parents came over for dinner. It had some thinly sliced meat for my dad and enough vegetarian options for me (patatas bravas!). It reminded us from when we went on a city trip to Madrid all together!

Deliveroo started in London but delivers in 12 countries now! In the Netherlands they first started in Amsterdam but they deliver in many cities in Holland these days: Haarlem, Utrecht, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Leiden, Delft, Amstelveen, Breda, Den Bosch and as I said my hometown Tilburg.

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