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Eating healthy can be a bit of a challenge on the days that you don’t have time to cook. When you’re cooking yourself, you can make sure it’s healthy with one of my many recipes. But the days when you’re short on time or when you don’t feel like cooking can be a bit of a challenge.
Luckily having healthy food delivered doesn’t have to be difficult anymore! I remember just a few years ago when you could only have fries, shoarma and kebab delivered. Those days are gone! On this page I’ve listed all healthy food delivery options in the Netherlands. 

Healthy meals

More and more services are available that cook healthy meals in their kitchen and deliver it all over the Netherlands. Perfect if you want healthy food delivered.
You can order these meals online and they’ll deliver it to your door. All you have to do is warm them up before serving.
I’ve made a complete list of all companies offering healthy meals in the Netherlands.
Click here to read more about ordering healthy meals online in the Netherlands.


I’m very happy with Deliveroo in my hometown Tilburg, as they have several healthy options on their list.
Deliveroo started in London but delivers in 12 countries now! In the Netherlands they first started in Amsterdam but they deliver in many cities in Holland these days: Haarlem, Utrecht, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Leiden, Delft, Amstelveen, Breda, Den Bosch and as I said my hometown Tilburg. is active in many countries, but each country has its own name. In the Netherlands it’s called
My favorite restaurants on in my hometown Tilburg are:
Chocolate Company Tilburg
* Tuinhuis Culinair
* Aim Aroy
Eetwinkel Verzot
Focus Foodbar
De Couscousbar
* Het Elfde Gebod
* De Kleine Indo

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is also active in the Netherlands. They’re active in several bigger cities like Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Eindhoven, Leiden, Groningen and the Hague.
My favorite options in Tilburg on Uber Eats are:
* Karakter Tilburg
Flipped Story
* Beans & Bits
* Sis Luncherij


Butlon is one platform on which you can both order a meal at a restaurant and do groceries online. If you’re hungry you can search for restaurants near you that deliver tasty meals. If you want to cook yourself, you can also use Butlon to order online groceries. If you order before noon, they deliver it the next day. They’ve got everything you need, from big brands to fresh fruit and vegetables. The minimum order amount for the online groceries is €50,- (from €70 they get delivered to you for free).

Click here for all restaurants that deliver food in Tilburg.

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