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I discovered three really nice new sandwich toppings and I’m so happy with them that I love to tell you more about it in this blog post. I always thought healthy sandwich toppings and spreads are hard to find in the supermarket. Processed meat is unhealthy, cheese has a lot of fat and salt and many toppings like jelly contain a lot of sugar. Peanut butter sometimes contains added sugar and almost always added salt and palm oil.
I’ve switched to healthy sandwich spreads and toppings a while back. I love to eat hummus with avocado on my bread for example, but it can get a bit boring to only have one topping to choose from. So I’m very happy to share no less than 3 new sandwich toppings for you on this page. They’re all vegan and a healthier option than the ones that have been available so far.

Pip & Nut

Pip & Nut sells all natural peanut and almond butters. Great for on a slice of toast, a rice cracker or pancakes. London based marathon runner Pip Murray made her own peanut butter as she didn’t find any peanut butters in the supermarket that was tasty and fitted in her healthy lifestyle. She started selling them on hip Maltby Street Food Market and 2 years later her Pip & Nut peanut butter is for sale in over 400 stores in Great Britain including Tesco, Selfridges and Wholefoods. And as of this month the Pip & Nut peanut and almond butters are also for sale in Norway and the Netherlands. The butters don’t contain any sugars, palm oil or additives. Just roasted nuts and a bit of sea salt. In the Netherlands they’re for sale at Jumbo, Plus and Deen supermarkets.

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Every Dutch person knows ‘hagelslag’ and every kid loves it! It’s quite surprising that this Dutch tradition of eating chocolate sprinkles on a slice of bread for breakfast didn’t conquer the world yet. Luckily we now have Hagelswag, this Dutch brand wants to let the world try this delicious sandwich topping. They only use fair trade chocolate, no added preservatives or additives and they don’t add any milk(powder) so it’s vegan too! Want to give it a try? You can buy it at Amsterdam’s airport Schiphol or their shop in the city center of Amsterdam. Not in the Netherlands? No problem! You can buy your bottle or refill package in their online shop.


Mister Kitchen, that you might know from food truck festival De Rollende Keukens in Amsterdam or their 5 peanut butter flavors, just launched these three sandwich spreads called V-spreads. I wrote a blogpost about the launch of these 3 spread (you can read it here).
The spreads come in three flavors: tomato/courgette, chili/pepper and chickpeas/lemon. Unlike the existing sandwich spread they don’t contain any oils or mayonnaise. And they contain a lot more vegetables. The sandwich spread from Heinz only contains 30% vegetables, and these spreads contain 65%. They also contain a lot less sugar. As a matter of fact they don’t contain any added sugars at all, only 3 grams of sugars from the vegetables (in comparison Heinz Sandwich spread contains 14 grams).

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