Magical food: unicorn noodles

This is pure magic! I made unicorn noodles without any artificial coloring. It was so much fun to do and the result is fantastic. From now on all my noodle dishes will be a little unicorn party!
I was inspired by The Indigo Kitchen and although I was afraid that it wouldn’t turn out as nice as I wanted to; it totally did! It’s almost a shame that I don’t have kids, because every little girl will probably love these pink and purple noodles!
Quickly read on to discover how easy it is to make these natural colored unicorn noodles. This week I’ll upload the video on my YouTube Channel so you can see the magic happen in front of your eyes!

vegan gluten free unicorn noodles
All you need is noodles, red cabbage and lemon juice. I know, it almost sounds to easy to be true!
What you do is you boil red cabbage in water, you don’t need much of both. Boil it for a couple of minutes, take it of the fire and then add the noodles. You can choose noodles of your preference, so you can make this dish vegan and gluten free. I used rice noodles, they’re not only gluten free and vegan but they’re also quite clear so they soak up the color really well. Let the noodles soak for about 8 minutes. You’ll see them turn purple. Take them out of the water. I divided them in two portions. I left one portion purple and made the other half pink.
To turn the purple noodles pink, all you have to do is add a few drops of lime juice.

vegan unicorn noodlesI’d love to hear it if you’ve made these unicorn noodles! Leave a comment below when you’ve made them or tag me in your Instagram or Facebook posts!

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