Restaurant Aarde in Den Bosch

Restaurant Aarde is a sustainable restaurant in Den Bosch with dishes from all around the world on the menu. The name Aarde, meaning ‘earth’, has two meanings; one is because the dishes are inspired by recipes from all over the planet and the second meaning is because they work as sustainable as possible. They focus on local and organic products at Aarde and even for the interior they looked at solutions to keep it as sustainable as possible. They serve Earth coffee and water and Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate.
As a ‘travel foodie’ I love eating foods from all over the world and as a vegetarian I’m trying to eat more sustainable as well, so Restaurant Aarde in Den Bosch is a really good match for me!

There are dishes with fish and meat on the menu of Restaurant Aarde but there are also plenty of vegetarian options. A perfect menu to satisfy meat-eaters, vegetarians and flexitarians. They’re open for lunch and dinner. We had a lovely dinner at Aarde the other week. We started with nacho’s with homemade guacamole. After that we had 3 cold starters that are pictures on the top of this page; Turkish bread with Lebanese hummus (that’s hummus without tahini), a Greek salad with feta cheese and olives and a Turkish couscous salad with red beet salsa.

We also has some warm starters. We shared the vegetarian springrolls with hoisin sauce and the spinach-ricotta tortellini with pesto and tomato sauce. My boyfriend had Souvlaki with minced meat and I had a Greek spinach tart. It’s so nice to share all kind of smaller bites with your company and have a table full of food.

For the main dish we got white rice and green beans with red pepper. My boyfriend had the Indonesian rendang and I hat a vegetable curry with lima beans. So we really had dishes from all over the planet!

For dessert we had mini brownies and Spekkoek, an Indonesian layer cake. I don’t know how we made room for them because we already had so much food!

Next time you’re looking for a nice restaurant in Den Bosch, reserve a table at Restaurant Aarde!

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