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Restaurant Nomads in Amsterdam East takes you on a culinary trip around the world. Their tagline isn’t The Traveling Restaurant for nothing. Twice a year they pick another country and for those 6 months they’ll convert both the menu as the interior. Nomads opened up a few months ago with their first destination: Peru. In October they’ll change to the next country, which one is still a surprise. Because I was very curious about their Peruvian menu I went before they changed it again.

Restaurant Nomads is located in a beautiful quiet part of Amsterdam East. With nice weather you can sit outside next to the water, on chilly days you can sit inside and if the weather is unsure you can sit in their conservatory.

On the menu are shared dining dishes, so order a few and share all the dishes with your table. Of course they’ve got Ceviche on the menu. This seafood dish is made by curing raw fish in lime juice. I first had it when I was in Panama, but it’s considered the national dish in Peru. At Restaurant Nomads they have a corvina, salmon, sea bass and vegetarian ceviche on the menu. Pictured is the vegetarian ceviche with pickled carrot, green asparagus, mushrooms and leche de tigre.
They also have a warm ceviche with salmon and cilantro oil.

They also have Cause as a starter at Restaurant Nomads. Causa is a Peruvian cold starter, it’s a terrine with mashed potato. At Nomads they have 3 different ones, a causa with Butifarra ham, with fish and a vegetarian one. Pictured you see the Cause aubergine with purple mashed potato, queso fresco and 2 different gels of purple corn.

It might be quite difficult to find vegetarian Peruvian dishes, but at Restaurant Nomads they have some great vegetarian dishes on their menu. I had this quinoa risotto with queso fresco, cherry tomatoes and crunchy sweet potato.

There aren’t really starters and main dishes on the Peruvian menu of Restaurant Nomads, you can order all kinds of dishes with your company and enjoy them together. You’ll have a table filled with all kinds of delicious dishes.

And of course they also have desserts from Peru on the menu at Nomads. You can also order several desserts for your table and share them all together. We had this chocolate ganache with sweet potato cake, white chocolate rocks and lime and purple corn caviar.

As you order your dishes to share, it’s perfectly fine to order two desserts! We also had this caramel dulce de leche with merengue and pepper.

You can enjoy the Peruvian menu at restaurant Nomads in Amsterdam East for a few more weeks. In October they’ll change the menu and interior to another country! You can reserve your table at Nomads here.

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