QL Hotel Meisenheimer Hof in South-West Germany

I’m really into Germany lately, I’ve visited Hamburg and Frankfurt last year and Berlin twice in the last 12 months. I’m also discovering Germany as a wine country, especially since my current favorite wine is a dry Riesling. During a wine-trip in the region Nahe I stayed at the QL Hotel Meisenheimer hof in South-West Germany. You can find the town Meisenheim 1,5 hours South-West of Frankfurt, in the direction of the border with France. It’s a perfect town to explore wine region Nahe and Meisenheimer Hof is a wonderful hotel to stay during your time in South-West Germany.

Meisenheim is a wonderful 500 year old town that, as one of the few towns in Germany, was spared by wars. Once build by Swedish and Bavarian kings, the town is full of beautiful buildings. It’s great to walk around and look at all the great facades. It almost feels like you’re walking in a miniature city. Meisenheim is a great starting point to explore the region. It’s located in one of Germany’s wine regions Nahe. From Meisenheim you’re within a short driving distance of several wine houses.

The building of hotel Meisenheimerhof has been an Inn since at least 1699 and you can tell from the interior that the hotel as a big history. The wooden panels in the dining room for example are over 200 years old. The chairs and tables are made after a design from 1820 that they’ve found and in the courtyard you can find a medieval fountain.
A stay at Meissenheimerhof will be a very unique one.

The rooms are beautifully decorated and not your dime a dozen hotelroom. My room had romantic touches with soft pink walls and golden curtain rails. It had a very comfortable, soft bed. The bathroom was very spacious with a big (rain) shower. Every room is different at Meisenheimer hof, so they’re all unique!

Breakfast is served on the ground floor of the hotel. The buffet is displayed in a cellar-like room next to the restaurant. They have delicious bread, as Germany is a bread-loving country. But there all kinds of other goods too, like the cereal bar pictured above or the fresh honey that you scrape right off the frame. There are also cheeses, charcuterie and jams. And they make your eggs as you want them.
The breakfast room serves as a restaurant for lunch and dinner where you can also enjoy your meal when you’re not a hotel guest.
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Meisenheimer hof also’s got their own weingut (winery) called Klostermühle Odernheim (previously: Weingut Disibodenberg). They own one of the oldest vineyards of Germany. For decades the vineyards have been dominated by Burgundy grape varieties, but they recently bought a Riesling vineyard as well. They have 3 vineyard sites: Montfort, Kappellenberg and Disibodenberg. They produce several Rieslings, Weissburgunder and specials like sekt and gin.

QL Hotels
Meisenheimer hof is a member of QL hotels, a selection of unique high-quality hotels in Europe. QL handpicks hotels in countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. What the QL hotels have in common is that they’re all individual hotels that have a great focus on outstanding hospitality. The rooms are all superb and the chefs all take the restaurants to the next level. There are quite a few QL hotels/restaurants with a Michelin star!
I also stayed at a QL hotel in the Netherlands, the Kruisheren hotel in Maastricht, so I can confirm that QL cherrypicks the best hotels of Europe. If you a hotel is a member of QL, you’ll know that you’re in good hands.
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