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Yeah! I finally have a cool way to show which countries I’ve been to! I got a scrape map from CoolGift on which I can scratch to reveal which countries I’ve been to. I’ve travelled to 53 countries so far and on this map you can see which ones I’ve visited (stopovers don’t count).
Curious which countries I’ve visited and which ones I think you should visit? Check it out!
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Below I’ve shared the list of countries I’ve been to but on this picture you can already see that I still need to explore South America and Africa some more! As you can see I’ve seen a lot in Europe, Asia and Australia.
The only continent I haven’t been to yet is Antarctica so this is the number one country on my bucket list! I think it would be such a great experience! If you also want your own scrape map, you can order it here.

If you didn’t book your next trip yet and you need inspiration to pick a country, or if you have booked it and you want to know more about that country you can read my travel blogs. Or check my Travel Playlist on YouTube with short videos from some of my trips.
Here’s a list of all the countries that I’ve visited and if I’ve written a blog about it you can click on it to read it.

1 Ireland
2 Scotland
3 England
4 Sweden
5 Denmark
6 The Netherlands
7 Belgium
8 Luxemburg
9 France
10 Spain
11 Portugal
12 Germany
13 Italy
14 Switzerland
15 Malta
16 Tsjech Republic
17 Turkey
18 Hungaria
19 United states of Amerika
20 Canada
21 Mexico
22 Bahama’s
23 Seychelles
24 Croatia
25 Austria
26 Bulgaria
27 Greece
28 New Zealand
29 Fiji
30 Australia
31 Malesia
32 Singapore
33 Vatican City
34 Finland
35 Israel
36 Palestina
37 Puerto Rico
38 Surinam
39 Morocco
40 United Arab Emirates
41 Thailand
42 Vietnam
43 China
44 Panama
45 Poland
46 Iceland
47 Russia
48 Norway
49 Slovenia
50 South Africa
51 Serbia
52 Japan
53 Estonia

I’ve seen so much already, but there’s so much left I want to see of the world! We already booked our trip for the Christmas break; we’re going to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. And I’m thinking about short trips we could do in the meantime. All your suggestions are more than welcome of course!

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