Food News August 2019

Every month I’m sharing food news with you. I’ll tell you all about new food products that entered the market or food innovations that you should know about. This month you can win a food magazine if you live in the Netherlands.

JouwBox 6

In my post with food news in June I told you about the JouwBox 5, and this month it’s time for the new JouwBox edition 6. From now on there are 2 kinds of JouwBoxes; a one-time box with 11 products with a total value of €142 for only €45, and the member box with 12 products with a total value of €167 for only €39. So the member box is bigger and cheaper! A few of my favorite products in this month’s JouwBox are the Rude Health chickpea & lentil crackers, the breakfast boost from Linwoods, the body wash from Rosalpina, the Mudmasky hair mask and the Bee Honest lip balm.
Click here to order this JouwBox.

Yellow Burger

I was one of the first that could try the new Yellow Burgers. They’ll be available in the supermarkets in the Netherlands at the end of this mont but I already got a package of each. The white-blue package is goat cheese and the yellow-orange burger is chili cheese. You can use these ‘burgers’ as you would use a hamburger, but it’s also great as a cheese for your salad.
They taste great from the barbecue or from a pan. Just a few minutes in the pan or on the barbecue and they’re done.

Ben & Jerry’s Moo-Phoria

Ben & Jerry’s has released a new lighter version of their ice creams! The Moo-Phoria ice cream flavors contain 50% less fat than the regular flavors. They come in 4 different flavors: Chocolate Cookie Dough, Caramel Cookie Fix, Chocolate cookies & Cream and Salted Caramel Brownie. They’re handing out 20.00 free jars of Ben&Jerry’s Moo-Phoria in the Netherlands next week. Below is the schedule:
September 2: Leiden Central station (4-9pm)
September 3: The Hague Central Station (4-9pm)
September 4: Utrecht Central Station (4-9pm)
September 5: Amsterdam Zuid WTC Station (1:30-6:30)


Online supermarket Crisp is not super new (it’s been around for 9 months now), but this month was the first time that I used it. You order your Crisp groceries with the app which makes it very user-friendly for mobile devices. I just ordered my groceries while waiting on the train. They have all kind of high quality products (over 1200 to be precise), which they buy straight from the growers and makers. I made this dish only with products from Crisp. Below you find the recipe for 2 people.

250 grams red beet ravioli (MisAmores)
250ml funghi sauce (MisAmores)
250 grams chestnut mushrooms

Bring water to a boil. Slice the mushrooms. Heat some olive oil in a ban and shortly fry the mushrooms. Add the funghi sauce, set the fire to low, and let it simmer for a few minutes. In the meantime, add the frozen ravioli to the water and boil for 3 minutes. Serve the ravioli with the mushroom sauce. Top each plate with a handful of rocket. Also great with some Parmesan cheese. 

Princess Black Steel

Princess Household Appliances is celebrating its 25 year anniversary with a range of trendy kitchen appliances. They’ve created the Black Steel Collection. 5 products that you can leave on your kitchen counter as they’re really beautiful. They’ve got a coffee machine, toaster, kettle, blender and juicer; all in a mat black look.

Green Gypsy Spices

Green Gypsy Spices aren’t really new. As a matter of fact, I’ve been using them for years and I shared several recipes with them on my website (like my Pancake Power Stack). But there are a few Green Gypsy Spice mixes that I would like to highlight this month, as they’re perfect for an Indian summer. Let’s hope we have some more warm days in August and September so we can use these mixes. The Garlic Heaven is great to make garlic butter for your vegetarian barbecue party, the Salade Parade is for the easiest home-made salad dressing ever, the ‘Hoer op de Grill’ is to marinate your bbq dishes and the Skinny Dipping is for an easy dip sauce or mayonaise replacement.

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