SNCKBR: healthy food in Eindhoven

I just had a lovely lunch at SNCKBR in Eindhoven and I want to share some pictures of it with you!
You might have unhealthy associations with the word, but apart from the vowels SNCKBR is also missing a deep fryer and refined sugars. What they do have is a menu with healthy dishes and guilty pleasures, but always home made and with pure ingredients. There are many options for vegetarians and vegans at SNCKBR, including salads, sandwiches, 5 different kinds of vegan pancakes and 3 vegan freak shakes.
SNCKBR also has a restaurant in Amsterdam, although this one in Eindhoven has a different feel and, also nice, a cocktailbar in the basement!

vegan gluten free pancakesFor breakfast and lunch they have vegan and gluten free pancakes. They have 4 sweet versions and 2 savory versions. Pictured are their beet pancakes with blueberries and coconut blossom caramel.
Click here for my own vegan pancake recipe.

eggcup portobello
They also have some ‘eggcellent’ dishes like these eggcup portobellos. These portobellos stuffed with eggs and Parmesan cheese are served with cherry tomatoes on sourdough bread.

vegan mango freak shakeAnd look at this freakshake! Isn’t it beautiful? They have 3 different kinds of vegan freakshakes at SNCKBR, this one is the Macho Mango with coconut yogurt, mango, passion fruit and pomegranate seeds.

gevulde paprika vegan snckbr
For dinner SNCKBR also has many delicious dishes. Weather you crave something healthy, vegetarian or a nice hamburger, you can get it all. That makes it a place that’s also nice to visit with your boyfriend/brother/cousin etcetera. Unlike some other healthy and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, SNCKBR is very ‘man-friendly’.

zoete aardappel friet snckbr
While you’re there you might also want to order these sweet potato fries to share!
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snckbr cocktail bar eindhoven
Every Friday and Saturday night they open up the cocktail bar downstairs. Besides the cosy atmosphere and great cocktails, there’s also a DJ. So after you went for dinner you can just take the stairs to the basement to continue your evening!

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