Street art in Kaunas

Kaunas, the 2nd biggest city in Lithuania, has got some great street art! On this page I’ve listed my favorite graffiti and other street art in Kaunas. With the location on where to find them. I’ve also marked them on a Google Maps so that you can easily find all of them. This way you can do a street-art route in Kaunas for free.

Pink Elephant

This pink elephant is one of the most popular graffiti works in Kaunas. It’s also a great Instagram spot. The story behind this work is that a boy wrote down his name and the name of the girl he’s in love with on a grey wall. Kaunas based graffiti artist Vytenis Jakas walked by the two names and thought it was a great act of love. As a response he painted this big pink elephant that looks to the names. You can still see the two names (Deima + Arunas) to the left of the elephant.

Kiemo Galerija

The picture above and the picture at the top of this page were taken at Kiemo Gallerija. Kiemo Gallerija is like an open-space street art gallery. In this courtyard you can find a lot of street art works. It was initiated by the inhabitants of the courtyard. And every work tells a story of the people that live there. I love it how they turned an otherwise boring and gray courtyard into this colorful street art gallery that is open for everyone to visit. Respect the people that live there though and don’t litter or scream too loud.

Man with pipe

Close to the Kaunas Castle you can find this big street art piece. You see a man with a pipe (although some people see a woman in it). In the pipe you can see a galaxy with stars.
Fun fact about this work: the man has bare feet, although the work is painted on the side of a former shoe factory.

Girl on Bird House

This teenage girl is a symbol for Lithuanians living abroad. The artist is showing that Lithuania is their home and that they can always come back home. It’s called Birdy and is made by Plugas in 2018.

Contemporary Ladies

These ‘Contemporary Ladies’ are painted on the wall of the Kaunas University of Technology. The two ladies are replicas from a painting by DaVinci. They’ve got modern headphones on. And on the background you see a game of chess.
The same artist also made a modern version of the Mona Lisa which you can find

Ernest Zacharevic

Ernest Zacharevic is probably the most famous Lithuanian (street) artist. He’s made outdoor works all over the world. From Lisbon to New York. He’s mostly known for his work in Georgetown, Malaysia. He’s made this piece in Kaunas. Some people say it’s like a fence that the 3 kids climb over. I loved it how the three stripes are coming back on their caps.

Colored Cabin

We stumbled upon the Colored Cabin by accident, it’s around the corner from the Pink Elephant. Every piece of wood is painted in a different color, making it a very colorful house.

Princes on a Horse

One of the cutest street-art pieces in Kaunas is Prinses on a Horse. It’s a drawing made by a 7 year old girl and transferred to a 14 meters high wall by artist Tadas Šimkus. Šimkus was also one of the artists painting the wise old man.

Click here for the Google Maps map with all the locations marked.

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